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Sistersville Subway Restaurant Burglarized

By Staff | Nov 29, 2017
This is a video surveillance photo of the robber leaning over the counter.
photo of the burglar trying to remove the cash drawer from the register.
A board has been placed to cover the broken window that the burglar broke.

The Subway Restaurant in Sistersville was burglarized late Friday night. According to the surveillance cameras, the robber broke into the Subway Restaurant between 10:45 and 10:47 Friday night. The assailant broke out a window in the side of the restaurant where they proceeded to move in and take the cash drawer from the register. The suspect is approximated to be between 180 200 pounds and stands around 6 feet tall. According to Subway Manager Ashley Shuman, “They did not get much money but the store had to be closed for two days, the food had to be thrown away and employees lost out on wages for those two days.” Sistersville Police responded to the robbery and Officer Shreves is the officer over the case. The suspect has not yet been apprehended and anyone with any information may contact the Sistersville Police Department at (304) 652-1570.