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Middlebourne Discusses Vandalism Issues

By Staff | Nov 22, 2017

Middlebourne city council members gathered last week where they discussed some of the vandalism problems happening around town. Mayor Seago brought up the fact that the gazebo located in front of the Senior Citizens Center has been vandalized beyond repair, destroying all of the hard work that went into building it. There is another gazebo down by the park that has also been vandalized by kids who have been beating the gazebos with boards. It was suggested that the city place cameras on the poles in an attempt to catch the vandals. There are cameras located at the park but they are not yet operational. Council members feel that they need to be raised to a higher position so they too are not vandalized. There was also an incident where someone had gone to the park and filled one of the toilets full of gravel. The restrooms at the park will now be locked and the water has been shut off at the park for winter.

There was discussion of purchasing a mirror to place on the electric pole next to Bogss Restaurant. Some council members felt that the mirror would eventually become vandalized and destroyed since the lights have had to be replaced at least twice due to vandals. It was brought up to make the alley one way instead. The electric company gave the town permission to place a sign on their pole and so there will be one identifying the alley as one way.

Mayor Seago announced that they will be installing a fence along the sidewalk on Main Street in front of where the former pink building stood. The fence is scheduled to be installed on November 28, 2017. There is a descent sized drop-off from where the facing of the building joined against the sidewalk. He also stated that he would like to set up a committee to go over options about what to do with the vacant lot. A motion passed to purchase the fence along with a gate to be placed on the fence.

There was a final reading of the town’s new “junk” (nuisance) ordinance which will go into effect immediately. There was also a final reading of the new water rate increase which will go into effect Dec. 15 but will not show up until January’s bill.

The water project is still being postponed until the mussels in the streams are moved to a proper location which is scheduled to happen in May. Also there were some trees that needed to be removed for the project but they couldn’t not be cut down until the bats in the trees have left, which was projected to be Nov. 15.

Under new business it was mentioned that one of the furnaces in the new city building has quit working. The furnace is very old and parts cannot be located. Mayor Seago will call several local businesses to get quotes and then council members will hold a special meeting if necessary to present the quotes and take action.

Employee Christmas bonuses were approved for the year and each employee will receive $250 to be placed on a Visa gift card.

Under council concerns it was brought up that there have been some aggressive dogs running loose in town. Council members are going to look into property taxes to see if the dogs have been claimed so that council can determine ownership and enforce leash laws.

The next scheduled council meeting is set for December 11 at 7:00 pm located at the city building on Stealey Street.