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PC Council Informed On Sewer Updates

By Staff | Nov 15, 2017

Paden City held a special council meeting last Thursday which began with Mayor Stead addressing council concerning open discussion between the mayor and council and the restructuring of some of the committees and boards.

The Sewer Department informed council that all of the sanitary and sewer line work has been completed. Most of the paving of the south end of town has been completed but there is still a section on 7th Street that still needs addressed. Main Street still needs a top coat and then that will complete all of the paving. They are waiting to hear from Dominion in regards to and extra 25,000 – 35,000 dollars that the sewer department had to pay in order to bring the trench lines, from where the gas lines had been worked on, up to grade.

The wastewater plant will be getting a new head unit which is set to be shipped out from Kansas on November 16, 2017. It is projected be installed the week of Thanksgiving using cranes. It was originally supposed to be delivered at the beginning of October but there has been a big delay and so Thrasher is trying to get some reimbursement funds for the delay. The Sewer Board has also purchased a 400kw generator which will be powerful to run the entire plant.

It was brought to the attention of council that there is talk of building a sewer system in Monroe County, OH and they approached Paden City about the possibility of having Paden City treat the water from the system. There will be a feasibility study to see how likely this option could be. This could help with the costs of the upgrades of the Paden City sewer plant and be a source of revenue for the city, at no cost to the city.

Council was informed on the water updates. The telemetry system at the water plant has gone out twice in a 2 day period and it will need to be replaced as quickly as possible. There was a meeting with Tom Meeks of MOVRC concerning the water plant, water tanks and water meter upgrades. The first step in the process will be the hiring of an engineer. The MOVRC offered to handle the process for the city but the mayor would like to have some input on the process. Council was advised to consider possibilities for fixing the telemetry system as well as making the necessary upgrades to the water plant and they are to bring their suggestion back to the December meeting where action will be taken.

The mayor informed council of the movement of funds to the water fund account from the investment pool. There was also talk about raising the water tap fee for the city. The mayor stated that they will have to talk with the PSC on the increase and so the item was tabled until further information can be collected.

Mayor Stead requested permission to amend Ordinance 305.12 (b) to make Maurice Street one sided parking with no alternation. There was some discussion from council on which side to make the parking side due to the alleys that intersect with Maurice Street. Council member are to look at the street to determine which side would better suit the community to be able to enter and exit the alleys carefully and so the item was tabled until more research can be done.

A motion passed to purchase new tires for the police cruisers. There are at least 4 tires that need to be purchased and they will go to Goodyear in Parkersburg for pricing of the tires.

A motion passed to remove Aunnia Brady from the Park and Pool Commission being that the ordinance calls for two council members to be on the commission and there are currently three council members since the appointment of Tom Trader to council.

A motion passed to appoint Aunnia Brady to the PCDA to replace Ken Stead. Also, a motion passed to appoint Kenny Stead to the

A motion passed to submit the names of Chad Chaplin, Mike Turner and Lyle Barker to the Tyler County Commissioners for consideration to appoint one of these names to the Tyler County Development Authority.

Council is still in the process of finding a city recorder. Council had offered the position to one of the applicants but then the applicant later declined the position. Council will have to go through the process of contacting potential hires for the position.

A motion passed to accept a resolution for “Christian Heritage Week” which is the week of November 19-25.

There was some conversation about repairing damages to the City Building due to flooding in September. The city will first contact the insurance company to see if they will cover the costs.

Permission was granted for the Superintendent to attend a 4 day “Certified Flood Manager” class the next time it is available.

Paden City has hired James Buck as a new Police Officer for the city. He will attend the January academy classes and will begin his services as soon as possible.

The next scheduled Paden City meeting is set for Monday, December 4, 2017 at 7:00pm located at the City Building in Paden City.