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Local Emergency Planning Committee Holds Monthly Meeting

By Staff | Nov 15, 2017

The Tyler County Local Emergency Planning Committee met Thursday where business representatives from several agencies gathered together including: Tyler County OEM, Tyler County Commissioners, Air Evac Life Team, Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce, Tyler County Search and Rescue, Civil and Environmental Consultants Inc., Senator Manchin’s Office, Middlebourne Emergency Medical Services, V.I.T.A.L. Resources LLC., National Weather Service, Tyler County Schools, Tyler/Wetzel Health Department, Proviron, and Blue Racer Midstream.

It was announced that the OEM has purchased and a Spill Trailer for the county. They just got the trailer back from the decal shop and is getting ready to be filled with supplies. The funding for the supplies was provided by the Tyler County Commissioners.

The SIRN radios have been ordered so that Paden City will be able to have better communications with Sistersville and Middlebourne Emergency Services. These are statewide operable radios that will ensure clear lines of communication.

There was a 5,000 dollar grant received to use towards the breathing air compressor. The air compressor will be used in the cascade trailer so that emergency workers can refill air tanks on the spot opposed to shipping them to Sistersville to be filled. This will save on time and will allow emergency workers to stay on location during the event of an emergency.

The Training Funding grant is still on hold. The OEM would like to be able to reimburse trainers for their training and travel expenses through this grant.

The 2016 EMPG grant has been awarded and so the OEM has until the end of the month to submit 2016 invoices. The county will be reimbursed half of that amount up to a certain amount. The 2014 EMPG reallocation funds have been granted but there are no additional expenses from 2014 that can be claimed.

The OEM is waiting on quotes from the Sheriff’s Department to purchase a backup generator for the new Sheriff’s Office. There has been some mitigation funding located that may be used towards the generator as well.

The Code Red public notification is being loaded with data provide by the Health Department and then they will update the data for everyone in the whole county, which will be provided by Tyler County 911. It will allow the OEM to notify a specific geographic location in the event of an emergency. It will also allow the OEM to connect to the LED signs that are to be located throughout the county to notify people in the event of an emergency.

The LED Signs grant has been approved and is being processed. The OEM is now hoping to get a fifth sign. The signs will be located at Proviron, Tyler/Wetzel Health Department, Sistersville Hospital and at Tyler Consolidated High School. If awarded a fifth sign, it will be placed at Boreman Elementary. The object is to place the signs at most of the entry points of the county.

It was announced that Rover Pipeline will be making a donation to Tyler County OEM in December.

There was a OEM Search and Rescue meeting held on November 4, which covered drowning, GPS, communications and a field exercise. There are some new members to the force including an ER Nurse, a resident ER Physician, and a doctor of Psychology. They will be great assets to the Search and Rescue Team.

There will be another Search and Rescue meeting held on December 9, 2017 at a location yet to be determined.

The SAR Christmas party is scheduled for December 8, 2017 to accommodate those traveling in for the SAR training.

The OEM Christmas party is scheduled for December 16, 2017 located at the Senior Citizens Center in Middlebourne.

The public notification system and and warning annexes are under review by the LEPC and are to be updated by the National Weather Service upon submission.

A group of field notes are being written and incorporated into the SAR annex to assist with personnel while in the field. Also the THIRA assessment has been submitted and there seems to be no issues with the submitted data.

Civil and Environmental Consultants Inc. sponsored the breakfast for November. The sponsorship consists of a 200 dollar donation to the Tyler County Senior Citizens Center.

The Shirley Community Building is in the process of being rejuvenated and they would like help from an industry to aid in the rebuilding process. They are looking for a business to determine structural integrity and possibly jack up the building to level it.

It was announced that Senator Manchin will be having a town hall meeting at the Sistersville VFD by the end of the year. The time and date have not yet been determined but it will be announced once determined.

The elevator in the Senior Citizens Center has broken down and it will cost an estimated 20,000 dollars to repair. The safety inspector stated that he will not inspect it if the OEM fixes it by themselves, even if made on a local lathe. The part must be ordered and replaced before the inspector will look at it.

The next LEPC meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2017 at 9:00 am located at the Senior Citizens Center in Middlebourne.