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EMS Requests Funding For Paramedic Training

By Staff | Nov 15, 2017

Katy Wells from the Middlebourne EMS attended the Nov. 6 commission meeting to discuss receiving funding for the education of two paramedics. Vicky Forrester and Shawna Miller who were also in attendance informed commissioners that they were accepted into the paramedic program at Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont. The program takes a year to complete and approximately costs $209 per semester hour plus $975 in fees. Miller received around $3,400 in pell grants and Forrester wasn’t eligible for financial aid at this time.

“This is them driving to Fairmont on their own to take this class so it’s a great sacrifice on our people that really want to help the community so I’m really hoping that there is some way that you guys can approve this with a contract. We sure do need the help,” said Wells.

President Eric Vincent said that County Prosecutor Luke Furbee would be the final say on wether the county can even do a contract like the EMS is proposing.

“We also have to be guaranteed that after you receive schooling that you stay in the county and next thing you know you aren’t working for Wetzel County,” said Vincent.

Wells suggested that they could stipulate in the contract that if that would happen the women would need to pay the money back to the county.

Vincent reiterated that Furbee needs to research the matter further before any decision is made about funding the training.

Wells then updated commission on the EMS levy. The proposed budget was turned into Furbee and they will be meeting soon to discuss it.

Emergency 911 Director Josh Fulks spoke on behalf of Sheriff Brian Weigle regarding the installation of a new camera system and key system for the Pleasantview Building. The quote for installation totals $10,943.26 and was approved by the commission. Weigle also inquired about changing the employee vacation and sick time on the personnel policy. The policy was last updated in 2009 so the elected officials along with Furbee are going to go over the policy with Weigle before anything is decided.

Fulks also was in attendance to request the commission’s approval to purchase a new E911 truck. Bob Robinson in Wheeling quoted a 2018 Chevy Silverado with a 1500 V8 engine for $28,900. The commission approved the purchase of the truck.

Fulks also discussed issues he is experiencing with Camel Technologies and isn’t sure how to fix it. The commission asked that they keep him updated on concerns.

OEM Director Tom Cooper presented commission with LEPC applicant Elizabeth Durr. Durr represents First Energy in Fairmont.

Cooper also informed commission that the spill response trailer was purchased and decal-ed.

The commission approved a bid totaling $18,100 for a new HVAC system in the 4-H building as well as a payment of $156, 495.35 to WYK Associates for new windows.

The commission approved the language for the upcoming Fire Department Levy on the May 8, 2018 ballot.

The commission approved other business such as the minutes of the Oct. 25 meeting, exoneration’s from the assessor, the clerk’s fiduciary report and budget revisions.

The Nov. 22 meeting was rescheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 9 a.m. due to the Thanksgiving holiday.