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Tyler County Commissioners Discuss Multiple Levies

By Staff | Nov 1, 2017

Tyler county Commissioners held their biweekly meeting last week where Jimmy Wade of the Shirley VFD asked the commissioners about the progress of the fire levy. Wade mentioned that he and Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee had gone over the details and then Furbee sent the information to the commissioners. The commissioners stated that they had not had enough time to look over the levy yet. Wade asked if he could receive funding for bunker gear until the levy passes. The commissioners informed Wade that he would have to submit a formal request for the gear.

Katy Wells and Dave Cutright, both representatives of Tyler County EMS, spoke with commissioners about the ambulance levy and finances towards EMS classes. Wells mentioned that there are currently some people registered to begin classes in Piedmont WV and she will have an itemized budget to present to the commissioners soon. Wells also had some questions regarding the ambulance levy. Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee informed Wells that the language of the levy needed to be specific enough for people to understand what the levy money is specifically being used for. Commissioner Vincent suggested looking into an Ambulance Authority.

Steve Juilfs of Lombardi Associates spoke with the commissioners in regards to the window being installed in the courthouse. Juilfs explained that there was a 10 week lead time for the windows which has caused a delay. He projected that they would begin installing the new windows by November 3rd and they would begin at the upper levels and work their way down. They will also be glazing the windows the week of November 20 and they will try to have a low impact on daily operations. In fact, Juilfs mentioned that they can hand out a schedule of their operations to courthouse employees to make sure employees are aware of the dates and times of operation.

James Swiger of WYK presented plans to the commissioners for a new boys cabin for the Tyler County 4-H grounds. Commissioner Stender wants to make some adjustments to the plans and so Swiger will present an updated plan at the next meeting. Swiger also mentioned that WYK is ready to begin working on the annex and courthouse upgrades.

Luke Peters of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council informed the commissioners that the MOVRC is working on a 30,000 dollar grant to be used towards broadband expansion. He is looking into the potential ways of providing broadband to the county. Peters explained that broadband is essential for businesses and emergency services. He also explained that the county needs to show a basis of why it needs broadband so badly. Peters encouraged the library, the Sheriff’s Department, and others to write detailed letters backing up the broadband request.

The MOVRC is also working with the Development Authority to make sure that contractors are willing to work with low income residents. There was also talk of creating a broadband committee and contacting Camel Technologies to help with the current dilemma.

Josh Fulks of Tyler County 911 told commissioners that he has a new recorder in the 911 center and they are currently working out all of the bugs. He also mentioned that a cooling fan has gone out on one of the towers in Sistersvillle and there is a good amount of equipment that could overheat on the tower if not fixed. Fulks will present quotes to the commissioners for a new fan at the next meeting.

Commissioner Stender reported on the progress of the Tyler County 4-H grounds. He stated that Robinson contracting has been working on the fire doors and they have gotten emergency exit signs installed in all the buildings. They will also begin replacing the exterior siding from the Assembly Hall and will replace it with a log cabin style siding. They will also be installing heating and air in all of the cabins in order to make the campgrounds usable all year round.

Prosecuting Attorney Furbee requested to the commissioners to upgrade the prosecuting assistant positions to a full-time position. Furbee has recently hired Rachel Cornell as the assistant to the prosecutor and she has received awards for her trial services. A motion passed to revise the budget and hire Cornell as the assistant to the prosecutor.

Sheriff Weigle reported to commissioners that he had a proposal for a security system to be installed in the new Sheriff’s Office.

The commissioners passed a motion accepting the BOE levy election officials. The levy election will be held on December 16, 2017.

Diana Mace spoke with the commissioners about the updated VOCA grant which needed to be signed before it could be finalized.

The next scheduled commission meeting is set for November 8, 2017, at 9:00 am located at the courthouse in Middlebourne.