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PSD Manager Praises the Georges at PSD Meeting

By Staff | Nov 1, 2017

During the Oct. 23 Tyler County Public Service District meeting, manager Tina Lancaster praised customers Peggy and Bobby George for their help in getting customers signed up for Phase I the South of 18 water project. The George’s went door to door to acquire signatures for the user agreements.

In order to receive funding for the project, an 80 percent customer participation rate must be obtained by the end of November. Lancaster estimated that customer participation is around 60 percent

“We really appreciate what the George’s have done for us. It has helped immensely,” said Lancaster.

Phase I of the project extends water service from the south end of Middlebourne to Boreman Elementary school as well as a quarter mile on Clark Ridge Road and a mile on Friendly Hill Road

During the manager’s report, Lancaster discussed issues with pipeline companies crossing on water lines resulting in three recent water leaks. Two of the leaks were caused by negligence on their part. Lancaster informed the members that a crew was billed for one of the incidents.

The other incidents were not billed because Lancaster was notified and the crew went above and beyond to help make repairs to the water lines.

During last meeting, Lancaster discussed with board members a suggestion from auditors. The auditors felt that the board members should be run through payroll instead of receiving a 1099 at the end of the year. With a 1099, members are paying nearly double in taxes because of the employee/employer taxes.

Chairman Art Mason brought up the fact that board members are not employees so he suggested that Lancaster research the matter.

Accountant Lee Martin was present at the meeting and let the board know that payroll is a smart decision. Martin did some calculating and let the member know that they would save almost $115 year by their employer paying the share. Pleased with this information, the board moved to set up payroll for 2018.

Board member Pam Porfeli along with Lancaster were instructed to submit a contract for Lancaster’s employment. Lancaster reviewed and signed the contract along with Chaiman Mason.

Tina Lancaster informed the board that she acquired a lower bid for the repair to the McAdams service line on Route 180. The first bid was $7,000. Lancaster was only able to get it down to $5, 200 which was still too high. Syrus Bowen from Marietta quoted the repair at $1,500. Under Lancaster’s recommendation, the board approved to hire Bowen for the repairs to the service line.

During old business, the board discussed bringing handheld radios back into service vehicles, the office and the pump room. At last month’s meeting, Lancaster was asked to acquire about the cost of handheld radios. She informed the board that she was unable to meet with Andy Weekly because of his hectic schedule. She assured them she would meet with him before the next board meeting.

The PSD members entered into executive session at 3:52 p.m. to discuss personnell.

The board members approved the minutes of September’s meeting and paid the bills.

The next PSD meeting is Nov. 20 at the PSD office in Friendly.