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Paden City Discusses Water Problems

By Staff | Oct 25, 2017

Ken Stead is sworn in as Paden City’s new mayor.

Paden City held a special council meeting last week where they officially selected Ken Stead as the new mayor of Paden City. ” I look forward to the opportunity. My goal is to bring everyone together to do what is necessary to bring the city back to good standings.” Stead continued, “I would appreciate if the people of town would contact their council person before bringing their problems to council. They have been elected to represent you and they cannot speak for you if they do not know what the problem is.” Stead added ,” The decisions being made will be for the betterment of the town not individuals.”

The water department reported that on average there is about 1,231 customers in the city of Paden City and an estimated 9,800 gallons of water is being used per month, which is roughly three times the national average of 3,000 gallons per month. This is causing the water budget to skyrocket and the pumps are running too fast for too long, creating mechanical problems.

It was reported that the booster pump for meadow heights would be delivered in April so the project can begin after winter.

The telemetry system in the water plant is starting to fail which causes the system to freeze and not function properly. This can cause an overflow of water if the the tanks are filling during the freeze, or it could cause the water to be over treated with chemicals if the chemicals are being added during the freeze. The rate at which the system freezes has been steadily increasing. A new telemetry system would cost approximately 26,000 dollars to replace. There may be some funds to be used towards a telemetry system but it would completely deplete the water account. The city cannot get grant funding because the city does not meter water. It would cost an estimated 288,000 for radio read meters, however there may be some grants available to put towards meters but the city would have to apply to see if it qualifies. Also, the water tanks will need to be painted next year to keep up with state requirements.

It was stated that the residents of Paden City need to be more conservative with their water usage. The water in Paden City is being taken advantage of which is causing more costs on the water department in chemicals and mechanical problems. Therefore, council passed a motion to look into an engineer to give an evaluation on painting tanks, getting meters, and checking the telemetry system.

The street department announced that funds are low. Residents pay two dollars per month (24 dollars per year) towards streets but with the increase in paving costs, that doesn’t add up to enough money to pay for the street costs. Mayor Stead stated ,” You can’t even pave your driveway for that much”. In fact, that barely covers the cost of patch work in the city. Therefore the city may end up increasing street fees.

A resident came forth at the meeting to discuss a stop work order that his neighbor has been neglecting. In the original agreement, the neighbor was supposed to have the property surveyed but has failed to do so. Council agreed to have another stop order written up to be delivered to the neighbor and to be kept in the record book.

The sewer project is finished and the generator is in place. They are finishing up the paving and patch work needing to be done.

A motion passed to contact the Wetzel County Board of Education in regards to the flashing lights and speed limit on Route 2.

A motion passed to contact the National Guard to come in and grate the streets and alleyways using their equipment and manpower.

A motion passed to advertise for a part-time dispatcher for Paden City.

A motion also passed to get a projected cost of what it would take to install a bathroom in the upstairs of the city building.

A motion passed to accept the bylaws as recommended by the Development Authority.

A cost estimate was presented to council members for two no parking signs to be placed on Stevens Street near the school. The total is $38.88 for both signs. A motion passed to purchase and install the signs.

Two residents showed interest in taking over the Ward 2 district and council voted to appoint Tom Trader as the Ward 2 councilman.

The next scheduled Paden City council meeting is set for November 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm located at the city building in Paden City.