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Special Meeting on Friendly Water Project Set

By Staff | Oct 18, 2017

During the Oct. 18 Sistersville Council meeting, Mayor Bill Rice announced a special meeting that will be held at the city building on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. to discuss the Friendly water project. Rice is concerned that the $4.5 million project could lead to a 35 percent water increase which he and the council do not support. Engineer Tim Meeks will be in attendance to answer all questions and ways to cut costs.

The council appointed Charles Heinlen as Ward 2 Councilmember. Heinlen will serve until March 31, 2018.

During the water and sewer report, it was mentioned that FEMA is requiring three quotes for the price of a pump that was damaged during the July 29 storm. Because FEMA declared the July 29 storm in Tyler County a national emergency, the city was able to apply for FEMA assistance to replace the pump.

Jason Rice mentioned that there are huge spikes almost double in the amount of water coming into the sewer plant. Rice said there was a spike the other day from 9am to 11 am, that increased sewer flow from the daily average 250 thousand gallons to 800 thousand gallons. Mayor Rice requested to see daily pumping numbers so they could get to the bottom of the water loss.

Gene Rice from the Ferry Board reported that the ferry has ran in the black for three years now. Rice said there are start-up funds for next year available. He is currently working on a grant to replace engines and transmissions. They have also applied for FEMA assistance for the Aug. 1 storm that damaged the boat docks. As of now, the ferry board has $500 in reserved funds for boat docks and around $20,000 for the ferry. An additional, $33,000 will be reimbursed to the ferry from the DOT grant by the end of the year. Rice also reported that he is in negotiations for a $10,000 contract with Solvay Advanced Polymers in Pleasants County for transferring equipment to the island over a two day period. Adding to the report, City Recorder Chad Edwards announced that the ferry would have to change the drug policy for random testing for employees. The operators would be required to take the DOT drug test while city employees would take normal tests.

The planning commission reported a successful cleaning week and will schedule that again for the last week of April. They replaced all the flowers in town and are renting landscape for the Sistersville sign down to the ferry boat.

The Parks and Recreation discussed the success of the campground and the profits of the fall festival.

Tim Haynes of the SVFD requested the donation of two fire trucks so they could purchase a new truck. The matter was tabled until city attorney Krista Fleegle researched the legalities.

Council approved the bills and the route for the Lions Club Parade on Oct. 26 at 7:30 pm. The minutes for the Sept. 11 were tabled for the next meeting.