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Middlebourne City Council Discuss Water Project

By Staff | Oct 18, 2017

Middlebourne City Council members met Monday evening where Mayor Seago reported that the water project has been put on hold due to mussel relocation and bats in trees. The town of Middlebourne received an e-mail stating: Despite our best efforts, we were recently informed by the agencies that the permits related to mussels/bats will not be issued for at least sixty (60) days. Despite meeting all of the deadlines, they will not issue the permits in September as previously discussed. Given this news and assuming that permits are issued within the sixty (60) day window that the agencies now anticipate: 1.) We will need to stop the mussel relocation that was going to be completed by October 1 and delay that relocation until May 2018. (The mussel relocation window is May through October). This would allow construction from that point until May 2019. 2.) Advertisement for the project could take place in December with bid opening in January 2018. Closing would be about April 2018. We could have the mussels moved in May 2018 and allow the Contractor for Contract #3 in the creek after that. The same Contractor would not be allowed to remove the “bat”trees until November 15, 2019 as the November 2017 to March 2018 window will have been missed. Based on this, we would need to write Contract #3 to start in June/July 2018 after mussel relocation and then continue in November 2018 with work in the area where trees would need to be removed. I will report back when more information is provided. Thanks for your continued patience.

Steven V. Buchanan, PE, PS Project Manager The Thrasher Group, Inc. The city did however, read the second reading of the new water ordinance for Middlebourne

In other news, Dave Wells has put up a 15 minute parking sign in front of the post office and there is one that still needs to be placed in the alley.

The city will be flushing fire hydrants on October 23, 24 and 25 so beware if discolored water. If water is discolored, run cold water until the water clears up. Also, take precautions when doing laundry.

There is an out of state truck that has been sitting on the street at the corner by the library. It has been parked there for months but it is parked legally so there is nothing that the town officer can do about it.

Mayor Seago also received some complaints about bushes growing too think in the alley behind the Dollar General. He will have city workers to trim down what they can and he may have to talk to some residents about property upkeep.

The pink building located on Main Street has been given the go ahead to be torn down and workers have started tearing town the building this week.

The mayor announced that the streets will be closed on December 2nd for the Christmas Parade.

The town of Middlebourne is happy to announce that they have hired Shannon Long as the newest member of the Sewer Department.

The next scheduled Middlebourne city council meeting is scheduled for. November 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm located at the city building in Middlebourne.