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Board of Education Members Discusses New State Testing

By Staff | Oct 18, 2017

At the Oct. 16 board meeting, Superintendent Robin Daquilante informed the board members to be on the lookout for a new test required by the state.

The test is for grades three through eight and will take approximately 5 hours. She informed the board she would update them when she found out more from the state.

Because of questions from board member, Daquilante provided board members with an informational supplement regarding scheduled meeting times.

“Recently, Pleasants Hancock and Wayne all changed the time of their meetings so I did some research and contacted all of the counties, ” said Daquilante.

The supplement lists all counties and meeting times highlighting the neighboring counties.

Daquilante noted this was a project out of her own curiosity and that this was just information for the members .

The monthly attendance report was approved. Attendance is down 17 which is an improvement from last report.

The board approved to employ the following:

Vanessa Owens as Transportation SPED Aide and Autism Mentor at Sistersville Elementary School, effective immediately.

Laci Strode as STARS Advisor at Tyler Consolidated Middle School, effective immediately.

Pam Stollings as STARS Advisor at Tyler Consolidated Middle School, effective immediately.

Christina Myer as fifth-grade teacher at Arthur I Boreman Elementary, effective for the 2018-2019 school year.

The board approved State Policy 2419, which regards special education classes.

There were no changes to the policy, however, the board is required by state code to review the policy on an annual basis.

The board approved Spanish teacher Seth Patterson to take 16 students to Orlando, Fl from Jan.11-15 on an educational trip created by EF tours. Students are committed to fundraising to pay their individual cost and the board will contribute funding for the trip. Ashley Cochran and Brandy Glover Frye are approved to chaperone the trip.

In addition, Matt Jennings was approved to take the Tyler Consolidated Marching Band to the WVU Band KeyNotes concert on Nov. 17 along with bus transportation.

The board approved the following:

The 2017/2018 Tyler Consolidated High School wrestling and softball schedules.

The board approved four student transfers. Of the four, two were released from Tyler schools.

The minutes of the Oct. 2 meeting.

The board cancelled, the Oct. 6 BOE meeting. The next meeting is Nov. 6 at the board of education office at 7:30 pm.