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Stine Enters Plea Agreement

By Staff | Oct 11, 2017

A former Tyler Consolidated Middle School teacher plead guilty Sept. 13 in Tyler County Circuit Court to two misdemeanor counts of contributing to a minor.

Jessica N. Stine was arrested on July 6, 2016 after admitting she used her Instagram account to send approximately six naked pictures to one of her male students and partially nude photos to another male student. The warrant, issued through the Tyler County Magistrate Court, charged her with three misdemeanor counts of using obscene matter with the intent to seduce a minor.

According to her statement, Stine claims that the first male victim began messaging her during the school year.

In court documents, Stine said that “although she found it strange, she wasn’t too concerned because at that point it was just talking.” She further alleged that the student began to talk about how he was obsessed with her and persistently asked her to send pictures.

There was a second student that Stine admitted to flirting with through text messages, eventually asking him to send her naked pictures.

She acknowledged that if the student had the computer capabilities, she would have used FaceTime to send him pictures of her in her underwear.

Stine denied ever meeting personally with either student or having any physical contact with them.

Stine was indicted by the Tyler County Grand Jury in February, when she was charged with two felony counts of soliciting a minor via computer and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child.

In a plea agreement offered by the state, Stine’s two felony counts were dropped and she plead guilty to the two misdemeanor charges. Her sentence to serve one year in jail for each count, which would be served concurrently, was suspended.

She was placed on supervised probation for not less than one year nor more than two years.

Other terms of the plea agreement required Stine to forfeit her teaching license permanently.

She is also banned from seeking employment in any educational facility and must register as a sex offender.