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For All the Marbles

By Staff | Sep 27, 2017
These marbles are just a few of the large variety of marbles available at the festival.
James Micheal King is a third generation marble maker.

The Sistersville Marble Festival went underway this past weekend in Sistersville on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Visitors came from all kinds of locations to observe this classic tradition. The streets were packed as people walked around checking out all the vendors that lined the streets. There were so many vendors that they had filled the circle in downtown Sistersville. Vendors were able to setup free of charge so that they could buy, sell and trade marbles and other knick knacks. There was a play area setup by Roger Hartlline where children could play with toys on the side. This year’s collectible marble featured the historic Sistersville Ferry Boat located on the Ohio River. The festival was a major success. If you would like to be added to the Marble Festival mailing list please contact Jim King.