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Senators Visit Friendly Council

By Staff | Sep 20, 2017

Friendly council members gathered recently where they discussed the candidates to be a selected for the Development Authority. The town of Friendly had selected three candidates to offer to the commissioners forselection on the Development Authority for the county. However, the candidates had not been discussed with council nor voted upon and so the selections were not valid. The mayor received a letter from Prosecuting Attorney explaining that the process was done incorrectly and if Friendly is not in compliance then the commissioners could face a hefty fine. It was added that there must be representatives from all four municipalities to serve on the Development Authority. The Development Authority formerly consisted of mayors only but West Virginia has changed the laws recently and so Tyler County is trying to catch up with the times. The council members discussed the potential candidates and elected to choose Scott Northcraft, Steve Thomas, and Bill Hostutler.

Senators Charles Clements and Mike Maroney were present for the meeting so that they could have an opportunity to address council members. Senator Clements commented that he believes city council is where government truly begins. Clements stated that at times the hard work that council members out in can often go unnoticed but there ideas and actions leave impressions. Clements also took the opportunity to speak on behalf of the road bond election on October 7, 2017, which he feels will be a real benefit to the development of West Virginia. He ended by stating that council members need to work together and reach out to the communities to help them.

Senator Maroney began by stating, “there will always be disagreements in council, you should see it in Charleston, but you have to work together. The fact that there are so many people here shows that they care. There is some animosity here and we must realize that nothing works out 100 percent.” Maroney continued, ” You find a way to work together and the town of Friendly benefits.”

In other news, the mayor reported that she had contacted about the old schoolhouse that had been taken down. The water is still leaking and so the PSD informed the mayor that the lines had not been capped correctly so the PSD will come in and fix the lines.

The mayor also announced that there have been some complaints over the road conditions and she feels that the ditch lines and culverts need to be cleaned out.

Bill Bird has been working on a drain line in the women’s restroom in the community building. Bird explained that water has been leaking into the building and covering the floor causing it to weaken and rot. He suggested knocking a whole into the base of the wall to place a drain line. He would tie the line into the ditch line to allow the water to flow outside of the building. Bird stated that the ditch line also needs to be cleaned out and filled with gravel so that the water will more easily flow. Bird feels that he can’t offer an estimate until he really gets into the project to know what will need to be replaced.

Alex King announced that the Friendly Lion’s Club has asked him to apply for a grant to purchase a cooling unit for the community building. The building tends to get warm and once the fans are turned on, it is difficult to hear. A motion passed to allow King to apply for the grant.