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Paden City Readdresses City Streets and Property Boundaries

By Staff | Sep 13, 2017

Paden City held their monthly meeting on Tuesday September 5th located at the Paden City City Building. The meeting started off with public comments and Judy Ferrebee took the time to thank Police Chief Bob Kendle and his officers, Maintenance Supervisor Josh Billiter, City Recorder Tammy Billiter, Paden city Fire Department, BB Smith, Gold Kourey and Turak, and the great people of Paden City for helping out with the Paden City Labor Day Parade.

There was some confusion over the use of funds by the Park and Pool Board and the Friends of Paden City Pool. The Friends of Paden City Pool is a private entity not controlled by the city whereas The Park and Pool Board are controlled by the city. It was cleared up that the funds given by the Wetzel County Commissioners went into a bank account setup by the Park and Pool Board and these are funds that are earmarked to be used for certain items. Mayor Davis informed everyone that the Park and Pool Board meets every third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. It was noted that the city gives Park and Pool Board management of the park and the only thing the Park and Pool cannot vote on is the buying or selling of properties.

Brent Smith of Meadow Heights spoke to council about the Meadow Heights Water Project which had recently gone through and replaced several water lines with 4 inch main lines and reduced one inch lines leading to the house from the main line. Smith stated that all of the houses had their lines replaced with the exception of his and three other houses. It was explained to Smith that according to the maps his lines had been recently replaced. Smith felt that the information was wrong and that his lines have not been replaced since he purchased the building in 2010.

Smith also inquired about Mendenhall Lane being treated in the winter due to the slippery road conditions caused by traffic packing down the snow into sheets of ice.

One resident asked how many employees were on the Street Department and who was in charge of notifying residents of streets and water lines being shut down. She explained that her daughter had been in visiting and had mowed the yard for her parents. Upon finishing the mowing job, the daughter went to take a shower but the water had been shut off and no one had been notified that it would be turned off. There were some workers down the street working on the lines and when the daughter spoke to the workers, they apparently smarted off the lady. The resident feels that there needs to be a better notification system. Council informed the resident that they have previously looked into an automated notification system that would call residents but council felt that it was too expensive.

There is some filter testing and bore testing being performed on some of the wells in town but the company performing the tests is searching for data from 30-40 years ago.

The topic of no parking on Stevens Street was brought back up. Council had previously passed a motion declaring this a no parking area but the city needs to paint the yellow line on the curb and the no parking needs to be enforced. It was suggested to write a latter to the school reminding them that parents are not to park in this area.

Parking in the curve of Meadow Heights was also brought up. It has been a hazard for people to park in the curve because it obstructs the view of oncoming vehicles. Also, Chief Kendle stated that part of the problem was that an ambulance and fire truck could not make it down the street. A motion passed to place no parking signs in the Meadow Heights curve.

There was also a motion passed to make Mendenhall Lane one sided parking.

The Police Department reported that there were 102 calls, 44 citations, and several felony arrests which the details are still being worked out. They have also received 13 applications for patrolman. There will be a donation from Walmart to the Paden City Police Department for a new computer. Chief Kendle also noted that he had looked up prices for tasers and he found a deal where the department can rent 4 tasers for 1,700 dollars per year. That includes free replacement of tasers, accessories and insurance.

Chief Kendle stated that he is going to start dealing with junk vehicles and citing people with junk vehicles that are not being maintained. It is city ordinance that a resident can have one junk vehicle that must be being worked on getting repairing. More than not allowed. Kendle said that he will begin with a warning and then he will cite these people until the matter is addressed.

There has been a topic over the last few meetings of a resident who built a fence in an alley. A neighbor suggested that she would pay a third of the surveying costs if the city and other resident would pay the other two thirds to determine the property lines. Council debated for a while and decided that it was the responsibility of the resident who placed the fence on the wrong location to have the property surveyed in order to establish property lines. Therefore council passed a motion to create an order to have the fence removed.

There has also been discussion about a tree growing in an alley that seems ready to fall on a man’s house. Since the three is in the alley, it is considered city property but the resident offered to pay half of the costs. A motion passed to get estimates for the tree removal.

The Park and Pool Board will be setting cameras up around the park and pool areas. There will be approximately 16 cameras total from the baseball field to the campgrounds. There will be surveillance signs posted accordingly. There will also be a nine hole Frisbee disk course established in the park. The park has also purchased new swings and there are plans to repaint much of the park equipment.

There was some debate as to who closed down the restrooms in the park. Some stated that the Park and Pool Board had closed them down while others claimed that the Health Department had them closed. The reason for the closure was that there was vandalism and drug activity taking place in the restrooms.

Under old business it was stated that the city would be receiving a check to go towards the library roof.

It was established that Paden city would be holding Trick or Treat on October 31, from 6p.m. To 7p.m. Also a Halloween Parade is scheduled for that day as well prior to trick or treat.

A motion passed declaring burning season from October 15 through November 15, 2017.

A motion passed to allow Paden City to join the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce at the price of 138 dollars per year. This will open up more opportunities for the city.

The next scheduled Paden City Council Meeting is set for October 2, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. located at the city building in Paden City.