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Officials Meets With Weather Service

By Staff | Sep 13, 2017

The Tyler County Local Emergency Planning Committee held a meeting last week where several corporations were present including: Middlebourne EMS, Innformer, Eureka Midstream, Tyler County Sheriff’s Department, V.I.T.A.L. Resources LLC, Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce, Tyler County Commissioners, Middlebourne Fire Department, Tyler County FRN, Tyler Star News, Wetzel/Tyler Health Department, Office of Emergency Management, Mon Power, Tyler County Board of Education, Proviron, Momentive, and the National Weather Service.

The OEM is working with the National Weather Service to develop a weather briefing system. The OEM was given an opportunity to speak with Jamie Bielinski of the National Weather Service. Bielinski stated that they have a program called “Storm Ready” which wants to ensure that they have several connections nationwide. The Storm Ready initiative is a national effort to make sure that administrations are ready for severe weather. Bielinkski took a list of names of members through the community who would be willing to assist the National Weather Service in weather readiness. There is an effort to make sure that all information is accurate and from a reliable source. It also requires that there is good interaction between emergency management, police, EMS, Fire and Rescue and other first responders. They also want to make sure that proper protocol is used nationwide.

In other news. the Code Red notification system has been purchased but has not been installed yet. The OEM needs to collaborate with the Board of Health in getting the system up and running. Also the LED sign locations have been determined but one location is currently being held up with the historical society.

The spill trailer is coming along nicely. The OEM received six thousand dollars from the Tyler County Commissioners and were also donated a trailer from Eureka Midstream allowing the OEM to use the commissioners funds towards supplies.

REPS has reviewed the recent Tabletop Exercises and have created a report to offer to the OEM. The OEM will meet with REPS in Morgantown to go over the final results.

SIRN Radios, a breathing air compressor station, and training funding grants have all been applied for. The recipient awards will be revealed shortly and so the OEM will know if they have been awarded the grants or not.

The OEM volunteered to help out with Hero’s Day celebration in Sistersville on September 9th. There was a Search and Rescue training seminar held on September 10 at the Momentive Employee Park. There is also a scheduled DNR Boaters Safety course scheduled for Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Genesis Healthcare will be holding a Health Fair on September 14, 2017 located at the Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department from 11:00 1:00.

Superintendent Robin Daquilante commended the local police department by stating, “I want to thank the Sheriff’s Department because as I drive to work I see them everywhere from Sistersville to the schools making sure our school zones and kids are safe.”

It was announced that 375 students participated in the Tyler County Back to School Fair this year and attendance was up from last year. The community support for the event was greatly appreciated. There were 8 hairdressers, 3 dentists, and the Lions Club was on hand giving hair screenings.

The Threat Hazard Identification Risk Assessment report is due by the end of the month. It is a plan of action in the case of an emergency to help county responders be more prepared if an incident would occur. There is specific input from first responders in the county to ensure that everyone has a say in the report.

It was reported that some Hazmat supplies are needed for the county because Hazmat plays an important role in protecting the county especially from many of the chemicals used in the surrounding plants. Tier II is a list of chemicals that are contained in each plant so that EMS and rescue services are aware of the potential dangers that they may be facing. There are also radiation tools that can detect if some of these chemicals are considered radioactive. Cooper stated that he would like to purchase a newer detector that is a wand that is waved around a vehicle, similar to a metal detector wand used at customs.

The LEPC would like to thank Mark West and Craig Landis for sponsoring August’s breakfast.

The next scheduled LEPC meeting is set for October 5, 2017 located at the Tyler County Senior Citizens Center in Middlebourne WV.