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Tyler County PSD Hires New Manager

By Staff | Sep 6, 2017

From Left to Right, Commissioner David Kelly, Board member Pam Porfeli, Board member Ron Hoyt, Manager Tina Lancaster, Retired Manager Bob Patterson and Board member Art Mason

Tyler County PSD held a meeting last week where their introduced their newly hired Manger Tina Lancaster. Lancaster will be replacing Bob Patterson who has worked with the PSD for 15 years. Board member Art Mason praised Patterson by saying, “We were very fortunate to have Bob as own manager.” Mason continued, “Things have really turned around since Bob joined us and I think he has trained Tina very well…We want to thank Bob for his time and service” Since Patterson has been the manager the number of customers increased from 734 to 942 which is a 28 percent increase.

Patterson stated, “It is a sense of ownership working as the PSD manager and Tina is very knowledgeable. I would consider her one of the best operators in the state of West Virginia.”

Board member Pam Porfeli added, “When talking with other PSD’s, we are very fortunate and they all wanted to hire Tina so she is a true asset.” Porfeli continued, “It will be seamless with Tina taking over.”

Tina Lancaster has been with the Tyler County PSD for approximately 19 years now. She has 5 full time employees working for her and so they are a very efficient group of workers. She stated that things have improved drastically in those 19 years and she feels that “we are one of the best PSD’s in the state.”

During the meeting it was mentioned that there had been an incident on Friendly Hill were workers needed to move a trampoline in order to access a water line. The workers had placed the trampoline back in the original location and strapped it down as they thought it had been done originally. That night there was a major wind storm that blew the trampoline causing damage. The owner reported to the PSD of the incident. Neither the PSD nor the resident could prove that the trampoline was or was not placed back correctly so the PSD offered to pay half of the damages which the resident accepted.

It was mentioned that a resident on Cider Run was wanting water services extended to their place of residency but the PSD 1 water project stopped about 800 feet short of the resident. The PSD looked into the cost of the extension but the price was too high for the resident to cover. The price cost for the resident would be around 28,000 dollars which included surveying, materials, labor costs, engineering costs, and levies.

There is a storm drain in Friendly that was plugged and causing some flooding in the flats. A resident went out and did some work to the drains and so now it doesn’t flood anymore. However the PSD noticed that when it rains, the sewage output increases more than it should. It is suspected that the resident has tied the line into the sewer system which goes against regulations. The PSD will be monitoring the water output and determining where the water is coming from so that they can correct the problem.

A motion passed to purchase a line locator that will be able to track down water lines instead of going of of maps. There was an incident where workers were trying to find a line but it took them days to locate it because the figures on the map had been accidentally written backwards. The line locator will save time and work at locating these difficult to find lines.

The next scheduled PSD meeting will be September 28 at 3:00 p.m. located at the PSD building in Friendly.