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Commission Discusses Courthouse Renovations

By Staff | Sep 6, 2017

The Tyler County Commissioners held a meeting where they discussed the courthouse renovations with Jimmy Swiger of WYK Architecture. Swiger’s company recently replaced a window in the courthouse with a new window replicated to look like the old window. The window had taken longer to receive from the manufacturer than anticipated and so there is a big push to get the rest of the windows installed before bad weather sets in. A motion passed to install the rest of the windows in the courthouse.

Sheriff Weigle presented a bid to the commissioners for the new Bailiff/Processor vehicle. The vehicle will have magnetic emblems for easy removal for when the bailiff is not using the vehicle. The amount for the vehicle is $19,484.00 through West Virginia State bid. Also, there is an old UTV that will be advertised for sale by the Sheriff’s Department. Weigle was also wondering about putting petitions into the new Sheriff’s building however he will not be able to do any work until the final annexation meeting held on September 18, 2017. He was however given permission to start getting bids for the future work.

A motion of consent passed in the hiring of John Michael Fitzgerald as the part time assistant investigator to Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee.

A motion passed to advertise the date of the final annexation meeting which will be held on September 18, 2017 at 9:00a.m. located at the Tyler County Courthouse.

911 Director Josh Fulks reported that he is still waiting for a response in regards to the steps that will be built at the 911 center. He also mentioned that the carpet is starting to come up in the center and he will be looking into purchasing replacement carpet.

OEM director Tom Cooper stated that were under a federally declared disaster with FEMA because the water intake line in Sistersville had been removed by debris during a recent disaster. There was a meeting set up with state officials to discuss the situation.

Commissioner Kelly reported that he received a letter from Congressman McKinley stating that there are grants available for pre-disaster litigation as a manner of helping to prevent future flooding disasters. Tom Cooper stated that he has been working for years to help get the ball rolling on some of these grants but with the recent flooding, these grants may be more readily available.

Commissioner Stender reported that the he met with Senator Manchin’s representative Mary Jo Guidi about getting a bailey bridge at the 4-H grounds. He also mentioned that the bunk beds need to be replaced at the camp so Stender purchased bunk beds out of Florida for 180 dollars, which were half price. Kings Corner will provide mattresses for each bed at a cost of 98 dollars per mattress. It will be 8,820 for the bunch and approximately 4,800 for all of the mattresses. The commissioners will be fronting the money but 4-H is applying for a grant through the Barth Foundation to pay back the commissioners. A motion passed to purchase the bunk beds. He also proposed the purchase of a diesel John Deere Tractor to be used at the new Sheriff’s Department. Finally, Stender reported that J&T Paving would be sealing the road leading up to the new Sheriff’s Department for approximately 3,300 dollars. A motion passed to accept the bid to be effective after the annexation.

Commission President Eric Vincent reported that there were two contracts that needed to be approved through WYK. One was for an extensive survey of the HVAC units in the courthouse and jailhouse in the amount of $24,890. The other contract was to architect the masonry of the courthouse and jailhouse in the amount of $24,990.

Vincent also informed everyone of the OEM accident policy which is in the amount of 340 dollars for the year which will cover 104 participants.

Vincent commented on the Route 2 & Interstate 68 Road Bond Levy stating that he had talked with Senator Clements who had asked for a resolution in support of the project. There will be a special election on Saturday October 7th on the proposed Rt.2 /I 68 Project. The project is going to raise approximately 3 billion dollars in bonds for road projects. The issue is being pushed quickly in an attempt to get the project started in order to compete with Ohio. If our roads are not adequate enough in time, the proposed cracker plant may be moved over to Ohio which would take the funds away from West Virginia.

The town of Friendly had submitted their list of names to be considered for the Tyler County Development Authority which included Scott Northcraft, Bill Hostutler, and Steve Thomas. A motion passed accepting Steve Thomas as Friendly’s TCDA representative.

The Lee Day Report Center contribution was brought up. There was some discussion of what the funds are used for. Prosecutor Furbee noted that, “If you take away the facility, you take away drug court options should we need it.” Home confinement is not covered through the donation and it was mentioned that Tyler County’s jail bill is not nearly as high as many of the other counties. In fact it was stated that Tyler County’s annual bill is as much as some counties monthly bill. It was decided that the commissioners would like to have a representative come in and explain the usage of the funds.

The next regularly scheduled Tyler County Commission meeting is set for September 13, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. located at the Tyler County Courthouse.