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Paden City Council Members Hear Concerns Over Survey Issue

By Staff | Aug 23, 2017

Paden City council members held their monthly meeting where citizens were given the opportunity to speak with city officials over their concerns with the city. One resident came forward to thank the council members for the patchwork being done.

Another resident spoke about a fence that she feels is on her property. She stated that she would be willing to pay 1/3 of the cost of a surveyor if the fence owner and city would pay the other 2/3’s. Mayor Davis stated that he will contact the fence owner and address the matter at the next meeting.

Another resident came forward about a trailer that he thought had a cease to work order but it is still being worked on. Mayor Davis stated that he overruled the stop work order because, “we can’t actually just stop them from hooking up if it is just the porch that needs to come off.” The resident was upset and feels that they are making a mockery of the city. The problem is that the property needs to be surveyed. The resident stated, “This is happening all over town and in alleys.” He continued, “Isn’t an alley designed for a fire truck to go through?” He stated that there is construction happening all over town without proper building permits and without properties being surveyed, people are infringing on others properties. The man continued, “You’ve got to regulate something.” Mayor Davis said he would issue a notice to have the land surveyed.

Another property owner came forward about a tree that is dead and threatening to fall on his house. Mayor Davis stated that he is trying to contact the property owner of the tree but all letters have been returned and he cannot reach the owner. The city would be willing to pay half of the tree removal if they can reach the resident.

Another resident has been having trouble with his basement flooding. The flooding has caused several thousand dollars worth of damage. He said that there are three streams combining to cause flooding and there is no curb to stop the water. He said the water has nowhere to go but in his basement. It was recommended that the curb be built up to slow the water but it will not stop the water. The city feels that there needs to be extra drains put in as well.

The street department stated that blacktop is available through Klug Brothers but they had been battling rain to get any patching done.

There is a switch on the generator of the water plant that is not working automatically. The switch will work manually but state code states that it must work automatically.

The city will look into estimated for Madison Street as to whether or not to go with asphalt or concrete. A motion was passed to pave the street using asphalt. There is 900 feet of water line that needs to be replaced and the DEP has been contacted in regards to a manhole drain that has been flooding. The problem is that there is an 8 inch line feeding the manhole and only a 6 inch line taking the water away. Anytime it floods, it causes sewage to leak out which can potentially cause a huge fine from the DEP until the problem is fixed.

The Police Department informed council that there were three stolen vehicles and several drug busts reported last month. There will be more patrolling done by the police as well.

The city received a free computer to be installed in a police vehicle for printing tickets. They also need a computer and printer for their work station. Chief Bob Kendle stated that the department needs a fingerprinting kit and tasers. It was recommended to ask some of the oil and gas companies for donations to help with the cost of the tasers and to give the gas companies some positive public acknowledgment.

A motion passed to purchase a computer, printer, gloves, fingerprint kit, and drug testing kits. A motion also passed to re-advertise for deputies.

The Building and Grounds Department stated that they are waiting to hear back from the insurance company before they begin working on the library roof.

It was announced that the pool is closed for the season.

A motion passed to have the Labor Day Parade in Paden City and to use the streets and parking lot. There will be no banner hung across the street unless a new electric pole can be inserted.

The one there is not sturdy enough to hand a banner.

The next scheduled Paden City Council meeting is set for September 5, 2017 located at the city building in Paden City.