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Meko to Display at Grave Creek Mound Museum

By Staff | Aug 9, 2017

Pictured are some of Amy Meko’s creations.

Amy Meko, self-taught artist and photographer of Paden City, will have her creations on display at the Grave Creek Mound Museum in Moundsville, for the month of August.

Meko began drawing as a little girl “and just kept on drawing!”

“You never know when you practice doodling that it can turn into an art skill later on. My first art supplies were a Number 2 pencil and crayons.”

Meko has never had an art class, and never studied art in college.

“However that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and skills as an artist.”

Meko said that while overcoming eyesight problems, she was able to teach herself how to draw and create. She thanks her parents for buying her the necessary supplies and books, so that she could teach herself. Meko said her father is the one who teaches her woodworking and how to create her pieces safely while using woodworking tools.

Meko uses recycled wood for her wood art pieces.

“I wanted to create as if you’re looking at animals’ homes inside a tree, with the recycled wood.”

“When trying a new skill or using a new art technique, I do research first to get an understanding, and then I go from there. With practice, research, and natural talent from God, I’ve been able to create these beautiful things.”