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Make-A-Wish Comes True at the Tyler County Fair

By Staff | Aug 9, 2017
Luctricia riding at the rodeo.
Luctricia with Shadow Montag.
Luctricia with Shadow and the Riders.

Luctricia White was invited to be a part of the Rodeo at the Tyler Fair this year through Make-A-Wish. She has Pulmonary and Renal Stenosis..ASD (holes in the heart)…and a trach due to health complications. Luctricia went to Pigeon Forge Tennessee for Make-a-Wish a couple of years ago. She went to the Dixie Stampede and that’s when her love of horses began. Shadow Montag was a rider there. When she had an opportunity to meet again with the Riders, she was excited.

This time she had her chance to ride with them. She went behind the scenes to meet Shadow Montag, his family, and other members of the Rodeo. She got to brush and feed her horse (Sadie) and got to ride on her later in the show and wave at everyone in the stands.

She was given many nice things during the show. She watched a Good Luck Video from the riders of the Dixie Stampede from Pigeon Forge Tennessee. She received a picture of Dolly Pardon and Shadow – autographed- boots, pants, toys,and autographed pic of the rodeo team. She also met the singer Matt Vanfossen and received an autograph shirt and CD from him. Another rider took off her necklace after the show and gave it to her…the show was wonderful. She enjoyed every part of it and she will all cherish these memories forever. Luctricia’s mother would like to thank Shadow Montag, Make-a-Wish, the whole Rodeo crew and riders, Dixie Stampede riders, professional photographer Matt Vanfossen, and everyone else involved in making this day special and amazing.