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Ohio River Ferryboat Festival Offers a Great Time

By Staff | Aug 2, 2017

Local resident Edith Taylor paints a ceramic motorcycle at one of the booths offered at the Ferryboat Festival.

The third annual Ohio River Ferryboat Festival was held this past weekend in Sistersville, WV and Fly, OH despite the best efforts of mother nature. The Ferry is Captained by Herman “Bo” Hause who was ranked as chief boatswain before retiring after 30 years with the Coast Guard. Hause did an excellent job steering the large boat across the Ohio River on Saturday among the debris and high water.

The Ferry was recently recognized in Charleston for 200 years of continuous service. At the Festival, Senator Maroney, Senator Clements, and Senate President Mitch Carmichael were on site to read the proclamation presented to senate. They spent time mingling and getting to better know some of the citizens of Tyler County.

For the first time ever, a king and queen were acknowledged for outstanding help and support in promoting the ferry.

Congratulations to Elaine Burger for being recognized as this year’s Ohio River Ferryboat Festival Queen.

There was a Petting Zoo available thanks to the Sistersville First Baptist Church. There were also free swim days available all weekend at the pool thanks to the Sistersville Fire Department, the Olive Branch, and Lakeside General Store.

The streets were full as several gathered to the Ferryboat Festival.

Music was provided throughout the weekend by Almost Famous Bluegrass, High Street Jazz band, and Todd Roddey. They entertained the guests as they walked up and down the streets admiring the scene.

Black Diamond Wrestling had a ring setup near the river where they put on quite a performance and gave the onlookers a entertaining show.

Vendors lined the streets selling a multitude of items from commemorative t-shirts, to license plate covers, and a large variety of food.

The Sisterville Ferryboat Committee would like to thank everyone who donated or helped in any way to make the Ohio River Ferryboat Festival a wonderful success.