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Delauder Gives Final Report as Mayor

By Staff | Jul 19, 2017

Middlebourne city council members met recently where Mayor Delauder gave his final report as mayor. He stated, ” I want to begin by thanking all of you for your help in improving our town over the last four years.” Mayor Delauder continued, “Without your support, it would not have been possible.”

The Parks and Recreation Department announced that Mayor Delauder had worked with the Stealey Community Fund and they allowed Middlebourne to keep $13,000 remaining from last year’s operating fund. These funds were used to purchase the tables. These funds can be used for any cost overruns that we have for other items.

Mayor Delauder also announced that all of the items that have received funding for to upcoming year were priced with himself doing the labor and so that would have to be accounted for.

The new shelter in the park is close to being finished. The electric still needs to be completed, however the shelter can now be rented for events. Mayor Delauder ordered ten picnic tables from Lowes. They have been delivered and will need to be painted.

The walking trail should start sometime within the next three weeks. Monroe Excavating has agreed to do this project.

Momentive has agreed to contact the mayor about installing the new playground equipment and there are 28 boy scouts coming to spread the mulch and do painting at the park.

Two part-time people have been hired to assist in the operation of parks and recreation.

They will work approximately six weeks.

On June 28th there was a sink hole that appeared on West Park Avenue. This hole measured about 4′ by 6′ and was approximately 30″ deep. Brian Willey, David Wells and Mayor Delauder worked all day the 29th on repairing the street. They put a six inch pipe in the bottom of the hole to drain the water out. They then filled it with 3×5 stone and inch gravel. It was compacted with the used roller the city purchased. The potholes are still in need of repair.

There are still several streets that need repaved and curbs needing repaired bu thankfully the department of highways brought their street sweeper and cleaned Main Street.

The new city building is coming along nicely. Miller Heating and Cooling came to repair the one air conditioner that was not working in the city building. They found that it was an air conditioner that came out of a trailer and it needed to be replaced.

The mayor donated ten of the left over pews to Habitat for Humanity Restore in Parkersburg. They will sell them to help in building homes for people.

The range hood that was over the deep fryer was sold for $50 and the stove has been sold for $200.

There is still some painting that needs to be finished in the city building and a sink that needs to be installed.

The $35,000 from EQT should pay for siding on the building with some left over for street paving.

It was announced that the water project is set to go to bid sometime in early fall. Everything should be finished by that time.

The water operators continue to battle sticks in the intake lines hopefully the pumps will continue to operate and not burn up. There are also some small water leaks that have not come to the surface. The only way to find them is to go meter to meter and listen for leaks. Jeff and Brian have been searching for them.

It was also stated that the sewer system needs to have a roof on the old sewer plant office. The next scheduled Middlebourne City Council meeting is set for August 14 at 7:00pm.