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Paden City Discuss Water, Sewer and Flood Control

By Staff | Jul 12, 2017

Council members Clyde Hochstrasser and Aunnia Brady swear before council members.

Paden City council members gathered on Monday July 3 where they discussed several of the flooding issues around town.

The meeting began with the swearing in of council members Clyde Hochstrasser and Aunnia Brady. Afterwards, committee members were appointed to their departments, some of which were: Water – Tammy Parsons, Ken Stead, and Jim Richmond; Streets – Clyde Hochstrasser, Jim Richmond, and Aunnia Brady; Police and Fire – Ken Stead and Tammy Parsons; Building Grounds – Susan Postlethwait, Ken Stead, and Clyde Hochstrasser; Park and Pool – Tammy Parsons and Aunnia Brady; Sanitary Board – Mayor Davis.

During citizens comments, one gentleman told council members that his street and his driveway are eroding away. It was explained to him that the city is currently short on manpower and they don’t have the capabilities of carrying enough asphalt. Klug Brothers have quit producing asphalt and by the time city workers get back from St. Mary’s with a dump truck load, the asphalt becomes too cold to work with.

Another gentleman from Third Street was upset that the main sewer line was backing up which would cause flooding in his basement. He stated that he has lost close to 5,000 dollars in property damage and that something needed to be done. The sewer department said that they would be by later in the week to analyze the problem.

The water report stated that Meadow Heights water project is finishing up. The sewer department would like to move customers and transportation lines that run East/West off an existing cast iron line into an eight inch line.

There will be a valve where each line connects to the eight inch line to better isolate water shutoffs. Upon completion of the water lines, the city will begin blacktopping the roads.

The sewer project is moving along well without any foreseen complications. It was noted that on June 23, 2017 Paden City received almost 5 inches of rain in 12 hours. The city storm systems did will except for the sewer. The sewer took on more water than it should have and that there is still too much water in the sewer system.

It was stated that the sewer plant is old and the system is not working. One person even went as far as to say that sewer plant does not have its priorities straight. The public was invited to the sewer board meetings which are the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm located at the city building.

There are areas of concern in regards to lines receiving a great deal of water during rain storms coming off of Paden Fork. The systems are unable to hold the rush of water which is causing several yards to be flooded. There have been calls to the state representative of Tyler County in regards to the matter but there has been no response.

There is also an issue with grass clippings being thrown into the streets which are clogging the storm drains and causing flooding. The city police officers were asked to start citing these people that are going against city code.

A motion passed to transfer funds to the water department for the purchase of a booster pump. There was some discussion on water tap price increase stating that the current rate for a new water tap is 167 dollars which does not cover costs. The public service commission stated that it was city ordinance to set the tap fees. There was no action taken on the topic but council was advised to consider an amount to bring to the next meeting.

The estimate for replacing transit water lines was mentioned however the estimates varied considerably creating estimates from 6,700 dollars to 15,000 dollars. The topic was tabled until more research can be determined.

The sewer project reported that there have been several streets in the city in which the sewer project has been completed.

The street department noted that they will be requesting metal plates from Precision to use during road construction. This would save the city from having to purchasing the metal plates. A motion passed allowing the request.

There was a discussion of a man who wanted a building variance in order to build a car port on city right of ways. It is a movable structure but will be anchored to the ground. After much debating, council members felt it was best to deny the variance because the structure would be too close to the electric pole.

The police reported that the evidence room needs to be cleaned and rearranged. Also, council was informed that money seized during an arrest is to be placed in a checking account, which is non interest bearing, which also helps track the money. A motion passed to open the checking account. A motion also passed to advertise for a full time officer for Paden City.

The building and grounds committee announced that there is a tree growing in an alley that is both on private property and city property. There is a resident concerned that the tree will come down and do property damage. A motion passed to split the cost of the tree removal with the property owner.

Building permit problems seem to be building in Paden City. There was discussion of a gentlemen building an addition onto his house without a building permit. It was suggested that the police offer a cease and desist letter to the contractor until a building permit is acquired.

Park and Pool announced that the pool has been doing very well. It was suggested that the city should look into getting a metered lighting system so that the lights are not left on all night long. There has been some suspicious activity around the park and the bathhouse has been vandalized a couple of times and so the city will have to go to extra means to make sure things are properly locked up.

The high school baseball parents were given recognition for doing a great job to improve the baseball fields at the park. There is a new batting cage, scoreboard, and new backstop all at no cost to the city.

A motion passed to accept Margaret Sine to the Library Board.

A motion also passed allowing the advertisement to sell the police cruiser.

Finally, A motion passed to send two city employees for training to the Tamarack and to provide mileage reimbursement.

The next scheduled Paden City Council meeting is scheduled for August 7 at 7:00pm located at the city building in Paden City.