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Dave Snively Is New Extension Agent for Tyler County

By Staff | Jul 5, 2017

Pictured is Extension Agent Dave Snively surrounded by several campers at 4-H camp.

Dave Snively is Tyler County’s newest Extension Agent. Snively is originally from Pleasants County and has worked in Doddridge County the previous 4 years before taking over Tyler County. Snively began working with the extension program in September of 1988 and began working in Washington County Ohio under Ohio State University.

Snively began working for Tyler County in April of 2017 and has already made a great name for himself. He has developed a great working relationship with the County Commissioners as well as the many parents and volunteers associated with the 4-H program. Snively stated, “I like Tyler County, I always have”

In a previous assignment, Snively was part of the Federal Excess Property program where he shipped all of the lumber that went into building the front porch of the Assembly Hall.

Snively added, “Overall there is a good history here of a sound 4-H program and other quality programs.” He continued, “I think there is room for improvement here bu there is certainly a strong foundation to build on. There are great kids, volunteers, and wonderful community support.”

When asked about future plans, Snively remarked, “I’m trying to take time to experience what we have now and get a feel for what we need and what directions we can go in.” Snively would like to find volunteers to help with shooting programs. He feels, ” it opens up 4-H to a different audience of kids and volunteers and I want to see if we have the potential to get those kind of things going.” He mentioned that the National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational is currently happening in Nebraska and Snively would like to see kids interested enough to one day attend that event. “There are different things that build on different audiences and I would like to build on that” Snively added.

Snively has also been active with the state ATV Safety Training program and would like to incorporate some of that information in the county. He feels that, “is something you can use anywhere in the state.”

Snively is currently taking in the whole Tyler County experience to see what we have to offer and to see what he can contribute as time moves on. We wish him the best of luck.