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Sistersville City Council Members Discuss the Handicap Ramp

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

Sistersville City Council members met last Monday where they talked with Swiss Valley Agent Dana Indermuhle about the handicap accessible ramp that will be built onto the entrance of the city building. There were two bids for the project. One was 44,810 dollars from Litman Excavating and Construction out of New Martinsville. The other bid was 57,983 from Wolf Creek Contracting out of Waterford OH. “I have spent time with Litman’s chief estimator, Mark Brown at the site, reviewing the drawings and answering questions. I feel that he has a good understanding of the project. I am recommending that you award the project to Litman”, stated Indermuhle.

The city has received a grant in the amount of 54,000. Mayor Rice asked Indermuhle if there would enough grant money left over, after spending the 44,810 dollar bid, to finish the hand-railing and replace the doors to which Indermuhle replied, “We won’t know that until we get the next bids in”. Mayor Rice was a bit uneasy with that answer. He wanted to make sure that there would be enough money to finish the whole project. Indermuhle explained that the railing would be less than the grant allowed and so whatever was left would determine what kind of doors to purchase. He felt that the project should be taken one step at a time. Council made a motion to allow Mayor Rice to sign the documents to proceed with the project.

The Sewer Department stated that the preliminary report of the plant upgrades would take a couple of months to receive.

The Parks and Recreation Department reported that things are going very well at the pool. There were several days with over one hundred people attending the pool. Unfortunately the splash pad is down but it is in the process of being fixed. The handicap ramp has been completed as well as the camping spots.

There was a motion made to allow subcommittee members to reside outside of city limits. Anyone within Tyler County is now eligible to serve as advisory subcommittee members but will be non-voting members.

The Ferry Boat Festival will be held on July 28, 29 and 30, 2107. Vendors may be able to setup on the 27th and 28th. A motion passed to allow for vendors and overnight parking for those days.

The Ferry Board noted that service has been picking up and there are several cruises planned in July. The radiothon raised several thousands of dollars and Ferry Board members are very pleased with the generosity of the county. There was an inspection done to the Ferry while it was docked and all of the minor issues have been taken care of. It was also mentioned that deck hands will have to be trained on drug abuse awareness and domestic abuse awareness policies.

The topic of all terrain vehicle use within the city was brought back up. It was suggested that drivers must be at least 16 and must have a valid drivers license. The driver must also wear a helmet and be insured. The final details of the resolution are still in the process of being written.

The topic of tearing down old buildings came up. Middlebourne has recently received funding through the community foundation to tear down a building. Sistersville would like to look into getting funding for some similar projects. They will have to reach out to property owners in an attempt to purchase the property from the owners. It is extremely expensive to demolish buildings and the process is convoluted so it will be a tedious task to undertake. It was suggested to make a list of buildings considered eye sores in order to contact the property owners.

There were bids opened for the purchase of some old city vehicles including a pickup truck, a Durango, and a police car. The winning bid was for the amount of 325 dollars given by Jim Barnhart.

The next scheduled city council meeting is July 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm located at the Volunteer Fire Department building in Sistersville.