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Local Cub Scouts Enjoy ‘Space’ Camp

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

Camp Director Sally Conklin takes aim at a target with her BB Gun.

The local Cub Scouts had another successful district camp this year. The theme for this year’s camp was “Space Travelers: Cub Scout Adventures Continue” and is is a nationally accredited camp. The three districts included in camp were the Mountaineer District, the Two Chiefs District, and the National Trail District.

Some of the packs present at camp were pack 175 from Middlebourne, pack 102 from New Martinsville, pack 128 from New Martinsville, pack 17 from Woodsfield, pack 247 from Shortline, pack 86 from Cameron, pack 82 from Moundsville, and pack 66 from St. Clairsville

The camp received a donation from Murray Energy for the Wheeling Jesuit Challenger Center who was able to Skype with the kids while doing several space themed exercises. There was a group of first graders participating with the Challenger Center.

The scouts received a grant through Walmart, called a community resource grant, which provided breakfast and lunch for three days and dinner one the third day. The cost of camp per person was only 40 dollars per camper this year. That includes meals and crafts for the 95 campers in attendance. Program Director Yvonne Krajcovic worked closely with the kids to make sure that the week ran as smooth as possible. Also, there were also 69 volunteers on hand to help out in any way possible. Conklin noted, “I have a great staff, and there are some that are truly committed to it”

There was some extra security this year as there was a guarded sign-in shack to make sure everyone entering and exiting camp was accounted for.

Campers got to Skype with the Wheeling Jesuit Challenger Center.

The campgrounds are owned by the county but the County Commissioners allow the Cub Scouts to use the grounds free of charge.

The camp was a three day camp and there was a family night on Wednesday where parents could come and join in the camp. There will be a spaghetti dinner held for family night. After all, cub scouts are a family based organization.

There was also a flag retirement on Wednesday evening in honor of flag day. The campers would cut a piece of the flag to have as a commemorative token to remember the ceremony.

The games station offered several activities such as Tug of War, Bury Barney, and Light Saber Battles. There was also an obstacle course for the kids to challenge themselves. After the obstacle course, the kids would enjoy a Popsicle while playing with “Bubble Man” Danny Westfall.

A craft section was setup where children made a “Death Star” pinata that would be destroyed by the end of the camp. The kids also got to make “rockets” which are buns rolled in cinnamon and cooked over an open fire. Earlier in the week the kids enjoy some of their own homemade ice cream.

The BB Guns were purchased last year through money provided by Walmart and so they are still in excellent shape. The bow and arrows were also purchased the previous year through donations made by the NRA. These purchases have been kept under lock and key in order to help preserve them.

There were smiles all around as campers learned about space travel and joined in the many activities available to them. Each year the camp grows so it is evident that they are doing a good job.

Anyone interested in joining or volunteering for camp can contact Sally Conklin at 304-771-5064.