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County Home Progress Discussed

By Staff | Jun 21, 2017

The Tyler County Commissioners met last Wednesday where Peggy George of the Restoration Committee gave an update on the progress of the County Home located at the Fair Grounds. In the last year the committee has raised a total of $17,027.83 which is more than half of the cost of the 180 windows that they would like to purchase for the home. She feels that they have had a good year and there seems to be an outcry from the community towards the repairs of the building. “One of the biggest highlights for our group this year was the commemorative piggy bank…it brought a lot of awareness” stated George. However, there are three items with which she is still concerned.

George stated that it was the responsibility of the Fair Association to close off broken windows and close off broken doors to where no entrance could be made. She said that she had checked and none of this had been done. She feels that this has been an ongoing problem and so she would like to see the building secured before the fair.

Secondly, George stated that she has asked for video cameras to be placed on the building or to have two campers to be placed on either side of the building. She stated that is 2008 the security of the building was taken out of the lease. George feels that the majority of the vandalism has occurred since then. She is also upset that none of the vandalism had been reported to the police. She told commissioners that it was their job, along with the fair association, to secure the building from vandalism.

The third item of concern for George is the subletting of the building to the Fair Association. George announced that article 4 of the lease states that “The Fair Association is to maintain the building in as good a manor as when they got it.”

She said that the Fair Association has failed to upkeep the building.

Her biggest concern of now is to make sure that the building is secure so that there can be no more break-ins. “I feel that for us to go forward, we need to work together” stated George.

Rosemary Guida of the Workforce Investment Board gave an update on workforce activity. She stated that there 241 people placed in a training program in the last six months. There was a youth activity program available but there were only three kids from Tyler County that entered the program. Also, there was an ITA program for kids 18 to 24, however, Tyler County was the only county to not have any enrollment. There is a summer youth program beginning this week. It is an eight week program from Monday through Thursday offering 32 hours per week.

Luke Peters gave a report on the Tyler County Public Service District’s Route 18 South Water Project. He stated that, “MOVRC has been working on this project since 1999 and we are closer than ever to getting it fully funded.” The project was awarded 854,000 dollars by the USDA which should help fund the project without raising the costs of water service. The project will also provide fire protection due to the hydrants that will be installed along the water line. There has also been an application for a small city’s block grant in the amount of $1,066,000. A motion passed to have commissioners sign the documents in order to move forward with the project.

Sheriff Weigle announced that he has handed in all of the delinquent tax forms and that there were several throughout the county.

Tom Cooper with the Office of Emergency Management stated that he has received a letter from Frontier asking him to sign a three year contract for telephone service. Cooper wants to drop internet service with Frontier as well as the fax line provided. Cooper has another access for internet and is able to have faxes sent directly to the courthouse.

Cooper also mentioned that there was a non-toxic spill in Middle Island Creek which had to be dammed off in order to prevent spreading. Cooper feels that they need a spill cleanup in case another incident were to happen. He would like to use around 7,500 dollars of returned money to use towards a cleanup kit. Cooper feels that if there were ever a harmful leak into the creek, it could cause a major hazard. The commissioners requested a detailed list of the items needed fr a spill kit.

There were several budget revisions made as this was the last time the commissioners could make adjustments this fiscal year.

Commissioner Stender reported that the 4-H grounds have received a grant in the amount of 10,000 dollars from Stealey Green to repair the outside of the Assembly Hall. Stender said that there were tests run and there was no sign of asbestos in the siding, He also reported that there has been an advertisement placed in the paper for a secretarial position at the extension office. There were 16 applicants for the position.

Bids for the WYK Courthouse Project were opened on June 1, 2017, where Lombardi Development Company won the bid. A motion passed accepting the bid.

There was a motion to re-appoint Linda Hoover to the Solid Waste Authority to the Board of Directors for the term ending June 30, 2021.

The next scheduled commission meeting is set for July 10 at 9:00 am located at the Tyler county Courthouse in Middlebourne.