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City Eyes Boundary Lines For Properties

By Staff | Jun 14, 2017

Paden City Council Members held a lengthy meeting last Monday at the City Building in Paden City where many residents of Paden City gathered to voice their concerns over property boundaries and the overpopulation of cats. One lady mentioned a ditch that needs to be to be cleaned out, however there is no place to put a piece of equipment due to fence lines being in the way. The street department stated that they would check on it first thing in the morning.

A gentleman stated to council that there is a dead tree hanging over his house that needs to be brought down. He felt that it would be easier to cut down the tree rather than repair the house. Mayor Davis took down the man’s address in order to send someone out to look at the property. The mayor advised the man that the project would have to be bid out after council votes in agreement to remove the tree.

A group of ladies expressed their concern of several cats that have been overtaking the neighborhood. One woman even stated that one of the cats attacked her dog while she was out walking the dog. There was an incident where a person had left their car windows down and the cats got inside of the vehicle. The ladies stated that they reached out to the Olive Branch, however the Olive Branch was at full capacity with 250 cats of their own.

Another lady in attendance mentioned that a fence had been put up on her property and that it was blocking her garage. Mayor Davis advised the lady that he is working with the property owner’s son to try to resolve the issue. The city feels that city ordinances need to be enforced more regularly.

Jay Salva, principal of Paden City High School, announced the students of the month for the month of May. Salva stated that there was a four way tie so they decided to honor all of them. Trey Slider who is the son of Jay and Janet Slider. “He is both a great student academically and a great student athlete” Salva Stated. Delaney Lantz is another student of the month winner.

She is a sophomore at Paden City and is a 4.0 student. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Cats Club. Matthew Michael is a sophomore who is the son of Cindy and Gary Michael. He is a 4.0 student and a member of the National Honor Society. He is also a member of the Cats Club. Abbe Stackpole is the daughter of Amy Dowler and Mark Stackpole. She is a 4.0 student who also played volleyball and basketball.

The Sewer Department announced that they have broken ground on the Meadow Heights Water Project and it is moving along nicely. The sewer project is also moving along nicely and they are working on the south side of town. The project has cause the water to be shut off for certain periods in various parts of town. There are new valves being installed as well.

There was much discussion over re-painting the city water tanks. It was mentioned that if another tank were to be built, it would cost around 2.5 to 5 dollars per gallon. Therefore a 1 million gallon tank could cost anywhere from 2.5 to 5 million dollars. The city has decided to repaint to save on costs, however it is still not cheap. For tanks 1 and 2 it would cost $26,789 per tank to paint the inside. It would cost approximately $18,290 per tank on the outside. For tank 3 it would be $46,300 to paint the inside and $28,900 to paint the outside. Tank 4 would cost approximately $66,690 to paint the inside and $39,420 to paint the outside. Therefore it would cost around 271,500 dollars to paint all four tanks. They must be painted every ten years to keep up with codes. A motion passed to get estimates for the painting project.

A motion also passed to begin replacing 1,000 feet of water line per year as a means of preventative maintenance. The Water Department feels that by replacing the bad lines, they will save money in the long run. Also. They feel it would be better to replace the whole line as opposed to just patching and splicing the faulty lines. They will begin in problem areas and they will place in shutoff valves where necessary. There are approximately 14 miles of water line in Paden City that will need to be replaced.

Council members discussed whether or not new employees should get a water distribution license. It is a two day class and after completion, it would bring with it a dollar per hour increase. This would allow for more coverage and some felt that it should be a requirement for employees. It wasa stated that the language could be changed to make it part of the job requirement when hiring new employees, however they didn’t feel that they could force current employees to take the classes. The council members decided to table the topic until the next meeting to look into their options more.

It was noted in the meeting that the telemetry system for the Water Department is starting to fail. The telemeter is around 17 years old. A new system could cost approximately 26,000 dollars but would have to be bid out. A motion passed to ask for bids.

There was an update given on the current sewer project. It was mentioned that everything is running along smoothly with no major issues.

The Street Department mentioned that there are a couple water drains that need to be replaced but the plans still need to be determined. Council members agreed to table the item until further information can be determined.

The road conditions were talked about and it was stated that Paden City’s dump truck was too small to haul enough blacktop to properly mend the roads. Therefore they want to get with J&T to see if they can haul the materials necessary to fix the roads. It was also mentioned that they could not find a street sweeper.

The alley between 500 and 501 North 6th Ave. was being discussed about a permanent closing. Once an alley is closed, it can never be reopened. There would first have to be a petition to close the street, then there must be a public hearing to discuss the reasoning behind closing the alley, and then finally council would have to vote to close the alley. The alley must be closed for public benefit, not private benefit.

There is some concern over the amount of water that is flowing down Paden Fork during rainy days. It was stated that the ditches need cleaned out and there may need to be some extra piping installed. There may even be a storm basin added near the bottom. Council passed a motion allowing Mayor Davis to get a quote from Thrasher Engineering for the project.

The topic of property lines came back up in the meeting but there was a debate over who should be responsible for surveying the property. There are allegedly several buildings and trees on city property, which are city nuisances. Also, there have been some disputes between neighbors about boundary lines. Mayor Davis stated that he has reached out to the mayors of Middlebourne and Sistersville and they were both interested in looking for a building inspector. A building inspector would be able to enforce building codes and city ordinances throughout the county.

The park and pool is up and running and there have been several kids attending. The camping spots are also being utilized on a regular basis. Mayor Davis stated that he wants to speak with county commissioners to request security cameras for the park area to deter suspicious activity.

A motion passed to give the city recorder a one dollar an hour raise. That position hasn’t been given a raise for.

The next scheduled city council meeting is scheduled for July 3 at 7:00 pm located at the City Building in Paden City.