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SHS Alumni Notes: Recap of a Great Weekend

By Staff | Jun 7, 2017

Guest speaker Brian Swisher tosses candy during the Alumni Parade.

The 118th anniversary of SHS with all the alumni weekend festivities is in the history book as we traveled back to Neverland and found out we really never grow up … our memories and friendships are as vivid and alive as when we walked the halls of Sistersville High School … no matter how long ago that might be!

A special thank you to the association officers for 2016-17, Lori Cool-Knowlton, President, and Vice Presidents Diane Rial-Rice and David Rice for all their hard work and to the way too many to namewho planned, decorated, marched in the parade, adorned our downtown windows, prepared meals and had a hand in any way in making our weekend festivities fabulous! Joe Heintzman stepped up admirably to fill in for President Lori Knowlton as needed as she was recovering from a recent surgery. A special thank you to the Sistersville Elks Lodge for their hospitality, Sugabuzz for our dance entertainment, the Sistersville VFW Color Guard, the Tyler Star News for the Supplement and to all the local businesses who support our association, and the ladies of First Baptist Church. Our banquet speaker, Brian Swisher, did a great job in sharing his heartfelt and humble recollections about his family and growing up in our little town and the influence SHS teachers and coaches had on his life. In addition, our Chapel speakers were top-notch in tying their class memories to the Neverland theme. And lastly, the level of competition and craftsmanship involved in this year’s float entries, along with costumes and class participation, reached an all-time high. Great job to all the classes!

And now the winners: Best Chapel Speech by an SHS graduate: Earl “Larry” Shreve, Class of 1967. Best Chapel Speech by a graduate of Tyler Consolidated High School: Luke Peters/Yolanda Harton, Class of 1997. Best Window Display: Class of 1982. Best Non-Alumni Float Entry: First Baptist Church of Sistersville. Best TCHS Float Entry: Class of 2002. SHS Alumni 3rdPlace Parade: Class of 1977. 2ndPlace Parade: Class of 1992. 1stPlace Parade: Class of 1987 and the winner of the President’s Trophy as well. Farthest Traveling Alumni at the banquet: Stacy and Joanna Evans-Orr (2100 miles). Most attendance by a class at the banquet: Class of 1977. Golf Scramble winners: First Flight – Jimmy Willison, Ed Johnston, Jr. Fox and Bill Barrack. Second Flight – Andrew Bell, Josh Mace, Eric McKeever and Corey Carson. Third Flight – Tom and Connie Roberts, Sue Mitchell and Alisa Heintzman-Stefano. A special thank you to all our golfers for donating their winnings back to the Alumni Association.

The Roy C. Heinlein Scholarship was awarded to 2017 Tyler Consolidated High School Graduate Macy Long, daughter of Richard and Jackie Williamson-Long. The 50/50 raffle was won by Betsy Patterson. Randy Kehrer won the cornhole boards. Plans are in the works for Alumni Weekend 2018 which will be May 25-26th. The theme will be “Yabba Dabba Doo Weekend..that will go down in his-tor-y!! Classes ending in 8’s and 3’s will be honored.

Following is the winner of the Best Chapel Speech by Earl “Larry” Shreve:

SHS class of 1967

Good morning!

Are there any SHS Grads in the house? Hey.they let us old farts guys go first! I fell asleep 3 times back there! I’m 67 years old.in my wonder years. Wonder where I put my teeth, wonder where I parked my car, wonder where my glasses are.

Let’s Tinker Bell back in time to the year 1967. Let’s go back to a time and place … the best times of our lives. Neverland has nothing on SHS. The Class of 1967 was 50 strong. We danced to the sounds of the Monkees, Rolling Stones, Elvis. We same “Happy Together,” by the Beatles; #1 group that year.

How many of us remember the awesome times right here in this gym? 1stdance, 1stdate, 1stkiss, 1styou know (adlibbed to the Class of 1962 for having the first all-night prom). Remember the basketball games, the Proms, Coronation Balls. Merilyn Cline was our Miss SHS; Jeannie Danser and Sharon Webb were princesses. Sharon was also Homecoming Queen.

So you remember buying a prom dress at JCPenney for about $29.00. Or going to Sears for one for about $22.50 … still a lot on money since minimum wage was $1.40 hour. Gas was 33 cents a gallon. Why in the world did we have to syphon gas for Charlie Henderson’s Volkswagon. Whew! He got 40 MPG and gas cost 33 cents. How many times can you cruise around two city blocks in one night?

SHS Class of 1982

Hey.we respected our elders in 1967. Our coaches.Cuppett and Skaggs. Our teachers, like Mrs. Gilligan, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Lohri and Mrs. Dilliman. Mr. Strickland and Mr. Keys, too. (You had to be at Chapel to appreciate something here). Mr. Smith (principal) carried a big stick and spoke softly. His stick was a paddle. I’ll guarantee that thing made you dance. Did I tell you I found an old Home Economics Book from the 60’s.

Ladies.wives.pay close attention! Turn off all cell phones and take notes.


1. Have dinner ready when your husband gets home. Plan ahead the night before to have a delicious meal on the table because men are hungry when that come home.

2. Prepare yourself for his arrival. Take 15 minutes to rest – so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup and put a ribbon in your hair. Be fresh looking.

SHS Class of 1987

3.Clear away clutter – make one last trip through the house right before he arrives home.

4. Make him comfortable – have him lean back on a comfortable chair. Have a cool drink ready for him. Arrange his pillow – take off his shoes and put on his slippers. Speak in a low soft voice. Minimize all noise – encourage children to be quiet. Don’t complain – you never know what his day has been like.

Oh how I wish I had time for Chapters 4 and 5 for you!!

Archie Bunker would say those were the days my friend. Great thing about the 60’s. Girls were girls and men were men. Guys like us we had it made! You knew who you were then!

We had an awesome graduating class. Awards were given to Don “Doodle” Cline – Mr. Basketball; Bill Springer – Mr. Baseball. Football captains were Jamie Moore, Jerry Wilson, and myself. Sr. golfers included Jimmy Willison and Fred O’Brien. Cheerleaders were Jeannie Danser and Willa Wilson. Majorettes were Merilyn Cline, Betty Smith, Lee Waggoner and Becky Hunt. Sandra Taylor was the one everyone wanted to date. Our class party was at Hissam’s Cabins. Our class trip was to Kennywood Park.

SHS Class of 1957

Growing up in the 60’s was great: No drugs, one part-time cop, most of us went to church, we played outside day and evening, most everyone rode bicycles, and we walked to school. I told my 1stborn son I walked a mile to school … my second son … two miles … my third son … three miles. I have grandchildren now. I tell them I walked four miles to school; uphill both ways!!! We played 45 MP records that cost 60 cents and read comic books that cost 12 cents. During our senior year our favorite TV shows were Andy Griffith, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke. But on January 15, 1967 one of the most important events in history occurredthe 1stSuperbowl! We had 475,000 men and women in Vietnam and Elvis got married. Above all that though.the mini-skirts got shorter!

Oh those were the days my friends for so many of us. Those years of good old SHS were the best days of our lives.our Neverland Days!

God Bless each of you and have a wonderful weekend… let’s be Happy Together!