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Rabies Clinic Offers Services Throughout the County

By Staff | May 31, 2017

Tyler County Assessor, Jack Hayes, would like to announce the dates of the upcoming Tyler County Rabies Clinic. The clinic will be held in various locations throughout the county on Thursday June 8, Tuesday June 13, Tuesday June 20, and Tuesday June 27, 2017.

“Dr. Shaun Meckley & Dr. Elisabeth D’Agosto of Mountain Valley Veterinary Clinic will be conducting the clinic for us this year. The rabies shots will be offered at a cost of $8.00 each” stated Hayes.

“Dr. Meckley and Dr. D’Agosto will have other vaccines available at the clinic, for an additional fee. By having your pets vaccinated at the clinic, you are paying for the costs of the vaccines but you are saving the cost of an office visit. We request that cat owners PLEASE bring their cats to the clinic in either a cat carrier or a box,” Assessor Hayes added.

On Thursday, June 8, the rabies clinic will be in the Buck Run, Middlebourne, and Alma areas. Tuesday, June 13, 2017, the clinic will be held in the Friendly and Middlebourne areas, Thursday, June 27, 2017, the clinic will be held in the Paden City, Sistersville, and Pursley areas. On Tuesday June 27, 2017, the clinic will wrap up in the Middlebourne and Alma areas. The schedule of clinic sites and tiimes can be found displayed at several locations in Tyler County.

“Dr. Meckley and Dr. D’Agosto and their staff, along with my office, encourage all pet owners to take advantage of the traveling clinic by bringing their pets to one of the clinic locations for their vaccinations. This way they will be keeping their pet’s shots current and up-to-date.”

19-20A-7 Enforcement of article

The assessor of each county, or one of his deputies, shall accompany the veterinarian, doctor, or the one who administers the vaccine in these sittings for the purpose of collecting taxes on dogs. All dogs which are not vaccinated and for which taxes are unpaid become the responsibility of the sheriff to catch and dispose of as provided by the law.

“Dog owners, whose dogs are not due for their rabies shots and will not be attending the clinics, need to contact my office for their dog’s 2015-2016 dog tag, as mandated by WV Code 19-20-2. Any do, six months of age and older, is required to have a tag issued by our office each year,” stated Assessor Hayes.


It shall be the duty of the county assessor and his or her deputies of each county within the state, at the time they are making assessment of the personal property within such county, to assess and collect a head tax of three dollars ($3) on each dog, male or female; and in addition to the above, the assessor and his or her deputies shall have the further duty of collecting any such head tax on dogs as may be levied by the ordinances of each and every municipality in the county.