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Fire, EMS Levies Are Discussed

By Staff | May 31, 2017

The Tyler county Commissioners met on Wednesday May 24, 2017, where they discussed levy applications with EMS and Fire Departments.

Dave Cutright of the Sisteresville EMS spoke with commissioners to make sure that the EMS has been added to the levy ballot. The Tyler County Fire Departments are also wanting to be added to the ballot, especially after being unsuccessful in retrieving state funding. The commissioners mentioned looking into a combined levy, which has been successful in Wetzel County, instead of asking for multiple levies. The process will take a while to decide on the proper language to use and establish money disbursement. A motion passed to allow both departments to move forward with the levy.

The topic of the Lee Day Report Center was brought up. The commissioners have given donations over the past few years in the amount of 30,000 dollars. The premise was to try to keep people out of jail and into rehab in an effort to save on county court costs. On average, court costs throughout the state are very high. However, Tyler County has been very good about watching their court costs. Therefore it was advised to look into the donation to make sure that it is not a mandatory cost in an effort to save money.

Sheriff Brian Weigle stated that he wanted the public to know that the Sheriff’s Department was not affiliated with the K-9 fundraiser. He also noted that there will be some precautions taken when there are court cases. There was mention of hiring a court officer specifically to assure that the judges are safe and that there are still available deputies to patrol the county.

Weigle also mentioned that Paden City Police Department is in need of a vehicle and so the commissioners made a motion to donate one of their sedans to Paden City.

Commissioner Stender stated that he wants to subsidize for paramedics in order for them to take the classes needed to become paramedics.

This would allow for people to take the courses, paid for by the commissioners, and after five years the loan would be forgiven.

The total for the courses and diploma is estimated at approximately 7,000 dollars. Should anyone take the courses and fail to finish, they will be responsible for all costs.

Stender also mentioned that there was a storage facility put in place at the extension office. They are continuing to work on the 4-H grounds.

Council Circle has been remodeled and the gas situation in the kitchen has been fixed. There are also plans to gravel the parking lot and repaint the dormitories.

A motion was made to appoint Mr. Roy Hoyt to the Tyler County Public Service District for a six year term.

A motion also passed to donate 12,000 dollars to the Tyler/Wetzel Health Department.

The topic of purchasing the soil and conservation building was addressed. It was stated that the seller of the property has hired his own attorney and is working on a contract to give to commissioners. Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee stated that they will still have to get with city council in regards to annexing the city.

Camel Technologies has finished their work but there have been some concerns over the quality of the work. The commissioners will have to pay for the work completed before they can move forward with Camel and get the quality issues fixed.

A motion passed to hire Julian Work to work as part-time summer help beginning June 1. There is already funding in the budget for his position.

The next scheduled meeting is set for June 14 at 9:00 am located at the Tyler County Courthouse.