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Lewis Anderson Found Not Guilty Of Charges in Tyler County Circuit Court

By Staff | May 24, 2017

Lewis Ray Anderson, 22 of Shirley, Tyler County, was found not guilty by jury trial on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, in Tyler County Circuit Court.

Anderson had been indicted by the Grand Jury of Tyler County on the charges of Domestic Assault third offense, a felony, and Destruction of property, a misdemeanor. The offenses were alleged to have occurred on or about July 11, 2016.

A 911 call was placed to the Tyler County office reporting a disturbance of a man yielding a knife and threatening a family member. It was also reported tires on a truck had been slashed.

A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the scene and upon investigation, and talking with witnesses, filed a complaint against Anderson who was identified as the assailant. Anderson who had left the scene was later found and apprehended after a warrant had been secured.

On Wednesday, Prosecutor Luke Furbee called Lewis’s sister to the stand. Upon questioning she refused to answer the states questions. She was ordered by Judge David W. Hummel to answer the questions on several occasions. She was declared a hostile witness and the Prosecution presented into evidence a hand written statement given to the Deputy at the time of the incident. She admitted writing the statement and signing it. She repeatedly claimed she was high at the time and couldn’t remember much of what had occurred.

The alleged victim in the case Clifford Lewis, brother of the defendant clearly refused to answer questions and tried to evoke his fifth amendment rights. After excusing the jury, Judge Hummel explained to the alleged victim his rights to the fifth. He agreed to answer and the jury was called back. The alleged victim was also declared a hostile witness and was told by Hummel to answer the questions.

Clifford Anderson acknowledged the accused did threaten him with a knife and also slashed the tires on his truck. He was cross examined by defense attorney John Gainer confirmed his account of the event upon questioning by Gainer.

Deputy Bryon Owens of the Sheriff’s department was called to the stand and gave his account of the event.

The defense called Connie Sue Anderson, mother of the defendant to the stand. She said she was very nervous and had recently lost her husband who had been sick at the time of the incident. She claimed she felt she had been called by God to be a preacher and she loved all of her children and would never lie for them. Her testimony was she had never seen a knife and just heard her sons talking. She didn’t see any truck tires slashed and Lewis had left on the 4-wheeler. She testified that Lewis and herself had been threatened by her son Clifford. She said he had put a bounty on Lewis’s head and had also threatened her life.

She was cross examined by the state. After both parties rested their case. Judge Hummel gave specific instructions to the jury concerning their duties in making a decision.

The jury went into deliberation and after approximately 30 minutes returned with a verdict. Upon reading the verdict Lewis was found not guilty on all charges. He was immediately released from his bond but was still placed back in custody for previous crimes.