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EQT Donates Funds To Tyler Search and Rescue

By Staff | May 24, 2017

Photo by Chad Turner Search and Rescue: Pictured are Casey Durdines of EQT and Don Collins with Tyler Search and Rescue.

EQT has recently given a donation to the Tyler County Search and Rescue Team in the amount of 5,000 dollars. Don Collins of the Search and Rescue Team explained, ” This will help with our project Lifesaver.” Project Lifesaver is a system that is designed to assist with searching for missing persons. Many who use it are victims of Alzheimer, autistic children, or anyone who easily gets lost. The way the system works is that the patient will wear a bracelet that releases an electronic tone. If the patient would happen to get lost, they can track the bracelet through a receiver that will help search and rescue find the missing person.

The bracelet is checked daily by a caregiver to make sure that batteries are fully charged and that everything is operational. They are also waterproof and are designed to be able to withstand a great deal of force.

The Tyler Search and Rescue Team has been called out for several instances regarding missing persons, and have assisted with several counties throughout the state. They are well equipped with rescue dogs, trailers setup with rescue equipment, and medical supplies for any situation they could potentially face.

The search and rescue dogs have a nice facility within the OEM storage facility where they can train. There is also an agility course for the dogs. The dogs have also been trained to get used to the movement of boats and have developed the habit of searching over the edges of the boats. Some of the donated money will also go to the new K-9 tracking system, which will help locate the dogs should they get lost in the search process, and aiding with the K-9 handlers.

Casey Durdines of EQT stated, “We are very happy to help out… we have employees that work in the area and so we want to help out the agencies that could help us one day.”