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Tyler Commissioners Discuss City Buildings

By Staff | May 17, 2017

Tyler County Commissioners met last Wednesday where they discussed the continuing topic of moving elected officials into buildings that are structurally sound. The commissions made a previous bid on the Soil Conservation building of 195,000 dollars. They were given a counter offer of 200,000 dollars and they must pay 2017 taxes, which would total around 2,500 dollars. A motion passed to accept the offer and move forward subject to a title check. The city commissioners will have to get with city council about annexing the property into city limits. The building would provide an much larger area for city workers.

Josh Fulks of the 911 center informed commissioners that the digital recording system went down last weekend and so they lost a few digital recordings. Everything is back up and running however, Fulks feels that it is time for a new recorder. The project will have to be bid out and the funds are already in place but Fulks just wanted to keep the commissioners informed on what was going on. He also mentioned that Deputy Pratt is resigning from the 911 board an he will be replaced by Officer Corley.

Also Board of Education President PJ Wells will represent the BOE on the 911 board.

Fulks also mentioned that he had been contacted by Console Energy in regards to renting space on the 911 tower. They originally wanted to add antennas but are now wanting to add a 4 foot microwave dish. Fulks feels that this would put too much of a strain on the tower in the event of high winds so he felt it was in the best interest of the county to deny the proposal. If the tower were to break, it would cause communications to crash county wide.

Sheriff Weigle presented bids to the commissioners for new weapons and ammo needed by the Sheriff’s Department. He is requesting two tactical AR-15’s and two tactical 870 shotguns.

The weapons are listed as state bid prices which would cost 5,500 dollars for the guns.

He also requested ammo in the amount of 5,000 dollars to supply the Sheriff’s Department with enough ammunition to last a few years. A motion passed to accept the proposal.

There were three new members added to the Local Emergency Planning Committee communications list from the school board. They were Amanda Kimble, Troy Smith, and Robin Daquilante.

Assessor Jack Hayes reported to the commissioners that Blue Mountain will be surveying the land around the courthouse and adjacent property. The survey is to be used by WYK for the annex and any outside projects that may occur. The survey is estimated to cost 14, 350. Commissioner Vincent added, “The purpose of the survey, as we all know, our future plan hopefully in the next year or two is to get this annex project stated so that we can get our personnel into appropriate buildings and that is just another step to make sure that things are done correctly.” A motion passed to accept the survey.

Luke Peters with Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council stated that he is writing support letters to Senator Clements, Senator Maroney, and Roger Romine in support of the Route 18 south project. A motion passed allowing Commissioner Vincent to sign the support letters.

Peters also mentioned the Courthouse Security Grant which has been stalled a little. There have been some issues with the quality of the security cameras. Also there is no connection with the Magistrate Office and so the commissioners are going to hold payments until some of these minor issues are resolved.

Vice President John Stender reported that there is a shortage of EMS volunteers and so the commissioners are willing to pay for EMS classes. Classes can cost up to 7,000 dollars but the stipulation is that commissioners will forgive the loan after five years. If someone enters the classes but fails to complete or withdraws from the classes, they then become liable for the total cost There is only one paramedic locally and the commissioners would like to see more support in the area.

Stender also reported that the 4-H grounds has a 10 burner stove that is putting out 366,000 Btu and it must have a regulator placed on it. They are currently painting the dormitories and he has a group of volunteers willing to help rebuild council circle and try to make it a more permanent. There is a storage building next to the extension office that is rotting away and so it will be replaced.

Commissioner Smith put in his official letter of resignation which will go into effect on July 1, 2017. A motion passed accepting the letter.

The Northern Panhandle Community Criminal Justice Board requested 30,000 dollars from commissioners. This is an alternative sentencing program for drug offenders. It will also help alleviate regional jail costs, which have gone up state wide.

The next scheduled commission meeting is scheduled for May 24, 2017 located at the courthouse in Middlebourne at 9:00 am.