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Sistersville City Council Discusses Sewer Problems

By Staff | May 17, 2017

Sistersville city council members convened on Monday May 8, where they met with S&S Engineering representative Jesse Parker who spoke with council in regards to the issues with the sewage plant. Parker stated that they will be doing a preliminary inspection of the plant to assess potential corrections. After that, the project is estimated to last 3 to 6 months. The city has a sewer bond that is scheduled to rollover in 2019 which could allow the city to budget for a 3.5 million dollar project without having a rate impact. The sewer plant is close to being 30 years old and has accumulated several problems over the years. It was stated that during storms, there is way too much water being flown through the system. The plant is designed to take in 280,000 gallons per day and they haven’t been below designed flow since October of last year.

The grit chamber is also a major concern of the sewer system. If the grit chamber goes down it can cause a domino effect that could cause several other components of the plant to go down. It took nearly two weeks to recover from the mixers going down back in March. Plant officials feel that things are working well for now but some concerns arise when heavy rainfall occurs. There was an incident recently where, due to a storm, the plant took in approximately 1.5 million gallons of water which is five times the designed flow rate for a 24 hour period.

Parker informed city council that these are some of the things that will come to light in the preliminary report. It will also allow for prioritizing of which problems need immediate attention. For instance, if there is 5 million dollars worth of repairs but only 3.5 million dollars in funding, which issues would be more importantly addressed. Also, you must have a preliminary report before any federal funding will be available. A motion passed allowing Mayor Rice to sign for the preliminary inspection.

There was a big discussion about the use of ATV’s inside of city limits. There was a draft written up that will be up for a two week comment period. State Code specifically states that all drivers of ATV’s must be insured, wear a helmet, and must h

ave a valid drivers license. The proposed ordinance states that all ATV’s must be registered and there was debate over the whether the appropriate age to drive an ATV would be 16 or 18. There have been several complaints about noise and reckless driving. The police feel that the registration would be a way to hold parents more accountable for their child’s actions.

Therefore if an ATV is not registered, it gives the police probable cause to pull someone over and issue a citation. The ultimate goal is to get kids to comply with the law.

The Ferry started providing summer services again however, due to the height of the river, it was out of service for awhile. There will be a radiothon held on May 19 on Knights Radio 91.5. The event is scheduled to last from 4 pm on the 19th to 4pm on the 20th.

The Park and Pool Committee announced that the campsites are complete and there will be some painting completed at the park soon. They also wanted to thank everyone who helped with city cleanup and there are plans to do another cleanup in September.

Barabra Vincent and Carolyn Stern were reappointed to the Planning Commission/ Urban Renewal Authority Committee for a three year term.

It was reported that the SSO application has been received for the July celebration in the park. There will be a Saturday Shopping Sale on June 3 followed by a special event at the museum. For more information you may contact Terry Wiley at 304-652-1707.

The next scheduled Sistersville city council meeting is set for June 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm located at the Volunteer Fire Department.