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Paden City Hires New Police Chief

By Staff | May 10, 2017

Paden City held it’s monthly city council meeting on Monday April 1, at the city building where they discussed the hiring of a new police chief. There were eight interviews done the previous week and so city council members elected to hire Bob Kendle as the new Police Chief of Paden City. There was also a motion that passed to purchase a new vest for officer Anderson. The police will also be moving their evidence locker to the room located at the top of the stairs in the city building. The mayor would also like to see more police presence around the school. He would also like to have the police department start tagging old vehicles that are parked in the streets and causing problems.

A group of concerned citizens from the Meadow Heights area voiced their frustration about some noisy neighbors. They feel that there are 4-wheelers being driven around in the streets and on adjacent properties creating a major noise concern. They also claim that many of the bikes are ridden illegally, without insurance, and without the use of helmets. They have gone to the police about the issue but it has not been solved yet. The citizens were informed that it is in violation of the city nuisance ordinance and so Mayor Davis advised them to call the police, or 911 after hours, and document each incident as it happens.

There was some conversation over a building inspector. It was restated that a building inspector would have to be certified in a variety of different aspects such as electrical, plumbing, and contracting certifications.

Paden City can not afford a building inspector at this time and so Mayor Davis is working with the surrounding mayors to try to come up with a solution to the problem.

The water report showed that 13,183,160 gallons of water were pumped during the month of April, which is down from last month. The water department purchased a new fluoride scale which cost 732 dollars. There is a plan to replace approximately 1,000 feet of water line per year until all of the transit is removed from the system.

The water department also wants to issue a memorandum that any new hires into the maintenance department be able to obtain a WD water license. They want to create an incentive based plan to entice current employees to obtain a WD water license.

The water department also mentioned the creation of a Water board., or combining the Water Committee with the Sewer Board to form a Utility Board.

The telemeter system has been having complications and there have been several calls about misreading information. The water department would also like to contact Lauderman’s to have them look at the #1 well.

The street department wants to create a comprehensive plan to develop a storm sewer system in the Northwest quarter of town.

They have also approved plans to install 80 feet of 12 inch storm pipe on West Madison and Third Ave. along with two catch basins. They are progressively identifying streets in which the maintenance crew can take care of. They will also be renting a grader to cut down alley ways and a street sweeper to clean the streets.

The sewer project is coming along well and there has been some light shed on some of the areas of town that were incorrect on the current maps. There was a call out to a sewer issue where a tap was missed by a contractor and it took three men four hours to fix.

There will be a meeting on May 10 with Thrasher and Wolf in regards to the Meadow Heights water project.

A motion passed to approve handicap parking on 1stAve.

The Paden City Pool has been drained and some minor concrete work will be done soon. There were over 20 applicants for lifeguards and so the city will decide who to employ. There was someone contracted to mow around the pool but they had not kept up their end of the bargain. A second person has been contracted and he is playing catch up but is making progress.

A motion passed approving the new city seal for Paden City.

A resolution was read aloud declaring May as Hoppy Days.

The Resolution read: Whereas, the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary adopted the Memorial Poppy as its memorial flower in 1919; and Whereas, by wearing the Poppy, Americans everywhere and especially in the city of Paden City both pay tribute to these war dead and aid the living by assistance to Veterans and their families in time of need, and Whereas, the Poppy Program contributions are used solely for the program of Child Welfare and rehabilitation in our community and state; Now Therefore; I Joel Davis III, Mayor of Paden City do hereby proclaim the Month of May 2017 as Poppy Month and May 5thand 6thas Poppy Days in our city and urge all citizens of our town to join with me in wearing of this Memorial Flower as together we remember the sacrifices of so many in defense of our freedom.