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Middlebourne City Council Receives Several Grants

By Staff | May 10, 2017

Middlebourne City Council members gathered on Monday where they approved the minutes from a previously held special meeting. The meeting was to discuss the town purchasing the pink building on Main Street. Mayor Delauder has spoken with the owner of the property and he has agreed to a selling price of 25,000 dollars. The mayor has also spoken with a company, that is bonded and insured, that is willing to take down the building for 15,000 dollars. Mayor Delauder also asked for 4,000 dollars for fencing to put in front of the building, once it is tore down. The Stealey Grant Committee met on May 3 and they will be funding the entire project. There was some discussion on what to do with the available space after demolition. One idea being tossed around is to establish a Veterans Park honoring all Veterans.

The water project took a major step when they received a report back from the US Fish and Wildlife regarding the mussels in the creek. They made a number of comments and are requiring a one, three, and five year follow-up to check the condition of the mussels.

The splash pad will be ready to open within the next couple of weeks. The company should make a visit within the week to reinstall the features and make sure everything works.

Here is a list of Stealey Grants that Parks and Recreation will receive in June: $27,500 for the initial phase of the walking trail in the park, $8,860 for a storage building, security and surveillance of the city park, $67,000 for Family Center operational expenses, $20,000 for a new shelter in the city park, $8,150 for a new furnace in the family Center, $1,600 for Kids Power Sports, $16,649.17 for game room upgrades at the Family Center, $2,400 for emergency exit upgrades in the Family Center, and $4,623.43 fro a drop ceiling in the Family Center (dependent upon other grants)

Here is a list of Stealey Grants that the town of Middlebourne will receive: $5,000 for Bands on Broad, $23,500 for a new handicapped access for the new city building, $4,500 for the Holiday Festivities, and $48,000 for the purchase and demolition of the pink building on Main Street.

The fire marshal visited Middlebourne to inspect the new city building. He has made a few changes before the building can be fully used. He will return on May 17 to review the building.

There was a second reading of of the ordinance to purchase property on Main St. and a motion passed allowing Mayor Delauder to sign the sales agreement for the proposal. There was also a second reading of the ordinance making Wilcox Avenue one way.

EQT has has provided a 5 year lease for a pumping station and a motion passed allowing the mayor to sign the lease.

The city is looking into insurance options for city employees. They are looking at some out of state options, PEIA’s, and other options.

The city decided to employ an accountant to take care of yearly reports. There were 40 letters mailed out and but only one reply was received. A motion passed to hire Kristen Childers of St. Mary’s as the accountant for $1,600 for one year. Mayor Delauder recused himself from the vote.

There was a clarification that the alley ways in town will not be paved, however, they will all be graded down.

The next city council meeting will be held on June 12 at 7:00 pm at the city building in Middlebourne.