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Local Emergency Planning Committee To Use New Overdose Tracking System

By Staff | May 10, 2017

The Tyler County Local Emergency Planning Committee held its monthly meeting on Thursday April 4 where Proviron picked up the tab for breakfast.

It was mentioned that the school access road is still underway. The lawyers involved with the project are still working out the fine details in the contract.

The hospital is working on a new overdose tracking program. The program is designed to show where overdoses are occurring as bad batches of drugs are being monitored. It shows death tallies and in what direction the drugs are moving, kind of like a radar system. There is also an app available that shows national tracking of drugs but it is only available to first responders. There will also be a Narcan training with the hospital and all police officers will be carrying Narcan from now on.

The LEPC has been receiving several missing persons notifications lately. In fact, they received their first call from Project Lifesaver about a missing child. The child had recently moved into a different house, and in the confusion, tried to find their old home and got lost. The child has since been found and safely returned home. The majority of phone calls have recently involved older people who suffer from dementia.

The Project Lifesaver works by placing a tracking bracelet on someone who would be likely to get lost. If they get lost the bracelet releases an electronic ping which is picked up by the tracking device. Also, they will have someone check on each member on a daily basis.

There was a tabletop exercise held in Doddridge County last month that went well. There is an agent in Doddridge County that is originally from Tyler County and so the OEM will be working with a familiar face.

Electronic Tier II are available. Tier IIs are databases that contain information about chemicals and other hazardous materials used by companies. That information is then available to Volunteer Fire Departments in emergency situations.

The OEM is working with the National Weather Service to develop a new quick weather briefing system. The report would give precise details about current weather situations which could be used by anyone in public service.

Quotes for the breathing air compressor for the cascade trailer were announced. It would cost around 28,200 dollars for the compressor. The new bottles are 6,000 lb. Bottles and there is only one station in the county equipped to fill them and it is located in Sistersville. However, there is a booster pump available for 8,800 dollars. It uses the available air from the cascades and somehow creates more air. It is a slower process but can be up to 40 percent more effective.

The OEM and Health Department are collaborating for the Code Red emergency notification system but they are still waiting to hear on their grant approval.

Annex D: Emergency Public Information will be updated in accordance with the Code Red emergency notification system.

The OEM has ordered T-shirts from Carter/Maze out of Paden City for all of the volunteers helping with the OEM. Tom Cooper bragged about how well of a company they were and how they made high quality T-shirts at a very low cost. He added that there must be a minimum purchase of 25 shirts before they will take an order.

Jack Kincaid of the Boy Scouts of America stated that he is working with members of Tyler County to start a volunteer network in the county through the Boy Scouts. The national jamboree, which is held in Fayette County, will hold a gathering for the scouts close to the New River Gorge in July. The goal is to go to all 55 counties and establish a volunteer network and develop community service programs to help beautify these counties. There is more information on the program available at citizensconservationcorps.org.