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Nancy Haught Retires From Tyler Magistrate Court

By Staff | May 3, 2017

Photo by Chad Turner Nancy Haught: (From left to Right) JoEllen Roberts, John Roberts, Toni Van Camp, Mary Dotson, Nancy Haught, Jean Hayes, Mike Griffin.

The Tyler County Magistrate office held a retirement party for Nancy Haught on Thursday April 27. Haught has been with the Tyler County Magistrate’s office for 37 years now. Haught says that she plans to do some traveling now that she will have more free time. In fact, she already has plans to go on a 12 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean. She is also planning on taking a trip to the “Holy Lands” around February of next year.

When asked about some of her fondest memories, Haught replied, “I’ve really enjoyed being around the people that I have worked with. I’ve made some good friendships that continue still today.” Haught continued, “I’ve really enjoyed working with the clients. I feel that everybody needs somebody to care about how they feel. Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes they get caught and that’s why they end up in here, so I always try to be fair.” She continued, “Sometimes just listening is a relief to them and I don’t mind listening to people.”

“I’ve always had very good coworkers, which makes the job easy to come to everyday. If you enjoy the job itself and you enjoy the people around you, it makes it so much easier to come to work everyday and to try to do a good job. I respect all of them and I feel that they respect me as well, and that goes along way with friendships and the working environment.”

Haught says that she will still be very active in her community. She is involved with several activities including working with the Solid Waste Authority, directing the choir at the Middlebourne United Methodist Church, and doing whatever she can to help anyone in need.

Haught is looking forward to the extra time that she will have to spend with her family, especially her 2 children and 5 grandchildren. She is expecting a sixth grandchild next fall. She expressed, “They keep me busy and I love that, I love spending time with my “baby-grands”, as she calls them.

Haught wanted to recognize, “I just want to say thank you to my coworkers for everything that they have done for me and I appreciate their friendship, their help, and just being able to work with them. The send off that they have given me is just fantastic and they’ve been very cordial to plan such a nice retirement party for me.”

We wish Nancy the best of luck on her retirement.