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Several Enter Guilty Pleas In Tyler County Circuit Court

By Staff | Apr 26, 2017

With the Honorable Judge David W. Hummel, Jr., residing the Tyler County Court House was a busy place on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

* John M. Long, 58, of Tyler County appeared for a possible plea on a felony offense charge of Fraud against Social Security. Long had previously pleaded not guilty in Circuit Court but on Friday he changed his plea to guilty admitting he had received social security benefits belonging to his son and using them for his own use.

After Tyler County Prosecutor Like Furbee presented the evidence the state would use against the defendant if the case were to go to trial. Long admitted agreed to a plea bargain whereby he would make immediate restitution in the amount of $17,354. He was also sentenced to one year in prison which was suspended and he was placed on year probation. Long was represented by attorney Patricia Kurelac.

* D’Ann R. Montrose, 38, of Tyler County appeared before Judge Hummel on a five count indictment consisting of grand larceny, a felony, fleeing from a police officer while under the influence of alcohol, a felony and driving under the influence second offense, driving with license revoked and domestic battery all misdemeanors. She was in court for a possible plea agreement and changed her original plea of not guilty to guilty per the terms of the plea agreement. The grand larceny charge stemmed from her stealing a Dodge Caravan belonging to Opal Clark.

Prosecutor Luke Furbee gave a lengthly rundown of her criminal history, which included leading the sherif’f’s deputies on a chase throughout the Wick area of Tyler County, her problem with alcohol, stealing the vehicle and driving while under the influence.

Montrose in her own words told the court she was an alcoholic and that’s what caused her to lead the police on a chase and make obscene gestures at them. She was asked by Judge Hummel if she knew what was going to happen today by pleading guilty to the charges and she responded she was going to prison.

She was sentenced to two 3-10 years on the felony charge and 60 days on two of the misdemeanor and 30 days on another. Three of the offences were to be served concurrently. She was defended by the public defender John Gainer. Montrose was remanded to custody to serve her time.

* Jessica Stine, 34, of Woodsfield, Ohio represented by attorney Robert Mccoid was in court for pre-trial motions. She was scheduled to go to trial on May 17, that date was vacated and the case was generally continued on a motion by the defense for more discovery and disclosure. She is facing a four count felony indictment handed down from the Tyler County Grand Jury on two charges of soliciting a minot by a computer and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She is alleged to have sent nude photos of herself to two of her students and sending inappropriate and sexually suggestive text messages.

Stine was arrested on July 7, 2017 after an investigation by the State Police and remains free on a $20,000 bond and no date was set for the return.

* Franklin E. Conner, AKA as Big F., 70, of Middlebourne, appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing on a felony charge handed down by the February grand jury of delivery of a controlled substance (Hydrocodone /acetaminophen) alleged to have occurred in October, 2016.

On Thursday Conner decided to take a plea agreement and changed his former plea of not guilty to guilty. Judge Hummel explained to Big F. all of his rights to a trial. Conner replied he understood and he wanted to enter a plea arrangement.

Prosecutor Luke Ferrebee explained the states evidence against Conner if the case were to go to trial. He explained that Big F. had women who were selling his vicodin for him and bringing him eight dollars to $11 per pill and than keeping an amount for themselves. They made and exchange at the Dollar store parking lot in Middlebourne. Bif F. stated the states evidence was true except he was only receiving seven dollars for each pill.

Judge Hummel, sentenced Big F. to 1-15 years in prison and per the plea agreement he was allowed to serve his time on home confinement at his own expense. After a year of successful home confinement he can petition the court for probation.

* Carter Lasick, of Tyler County failed to appear in court as scheduled on Thursday and a capius was issued for his arrest. He later appeared two hours late and was handcuffed and transported to the North Central Jail.

* Kevin D. Leek, 40, of Sistersville indicted by the Tyler County Grand Jury in February for the alleged offense of night time burglary occurring in October, 2016, failed to appear for his scheduled pre-trial motions hearing. According to his court appointed attorney John Gainer, he had no knowledge where Leek was. Judge Hummel issued a capius warrant for his arrest.

* Brian Shannon, 29, of Sistersville, appeared alongside his attorney John Gainer for Pre-Trial motions. Shannon was charged by the February Grand Jury of Tyler County for night time burglary after allegedly burglarizing a cabin belonging to another individual in October, 2016. He was remanded back to jail and ordered to return to court on May 17, at 8:30 for trial.

* Robert P. Dibell, 44, of Sistersville, appeared in court on Thursday, alongside his attorney Brent Clyburn for pre-trial motions. Dibell was charged by the grand jury with posseission of a controlled substance (Metamphetamine) with intent to deliver, after a traffic stop north of Middlebourne by the Tyler County Sheriff’s office.

At the hearing on Thursday Dibell had his case dismissed on a motion by the state that evidence obtained by the Tyler County Sheriff’s department was the result of an unconstitutional search.

Shawna R. Rial, 47, of Sistersville, indicted by the Tyler County Grand Jury appeared with her attorney Kevin Neiswonger for a scheduled pre-trial hearing. She is facing charges of alleged possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and operating a vehicle with no registration. Sheis free on bond and will return to court for trial on May 17.

* Lewis R. Anderson, 22, failed to appear for his scheduled pre-trial hearing on Thursday and Judge Hummel issued a capius warrant for his arrest. He is charged by the Grand Jury with third offense felony domestic assault having alleged to occur in July, 2016.

* James V. Wells, 28, Middlebourne, appeared in Tyler County Circuit Court on Thursday along side his attorney David. C. White. For a scheduled pre-trial motions hearing. Wells was indicted the alleged offenses of breaking and entering, petit larceny and destruction of property. Wells allegedly broke into Middlebourne Park’s concession stand in October, 2016.

On Thursday he was told to report back to court for trial on May 17.

* Deandre D. Nickerson, 25, of Marietta, Ohio appeared in court on Thursday alongside his court appointed attorney John Gainer for a possible plea. Nickerson is charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) and delivery of a controlled substance (marijuana). After a discussion with Judge Hummel over whether or not Nickerson wanted to proceed with the plea or go to trial, Nickerson said he would proceed with the plea even though he was not satisfied with his attorney. Judge Hummel advised him he had the right to a trial and informed him of the rest of his legal rights.

Prosecutor Luke Furbee told the court the evidence the state would show if the case were to go to trial, stating they had recovered five mason jars full of marijuana from Nickerson’s residence.

Nickerson disputed the evidence but agreed to the plea agreement. He is to return to court on May 30, to argue terms of sentencing.

* Robert E. Wilkinson, 53, of Sistersville, was in court for a scheduled plea agreement. He was represented by public defender John Gainer. Wilkerson is charged with domestic battery-third offense arising from an incident in January.

Wilkerson had previously entered a not guilty plea but through the plea agreement he withdrew the plea and pleaded guilty. He has had several legal problems in the past and the current case carries a penalty of not less than one nor more than five years. He is currently housed in the North Central Regional Jail.

He will return to court on May 30, for sentencing.