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Fix Coming for School Water Emergency

By Staff | Apr 26, 2017

Photo by Chad Turner Listed in no particular order are Chad Miller, Eric Vincent, Roger Romine, Janna Lowery, Lisa Sharp, Dominick Cerrone, Art Mason, Fred Rader, Alan Harris, Jim Ruckman, Virginia McDonald, Eric Peters, Senator Charles Clements, Ron Hoyt, Pam Porfeli, Dean Rohrig, and Bob Patterson.

The Tyler County Public Service District will be extending their water service to Boreman Elementary. The Tyler County PSD currently serves 891 customers within Tyler and Wetzel Counties with public water service. The proposed service area consists of approximately 44 additional households as well as a Tyler County Fair Grounds and Boreman Elementary School, that will receive public water service once the project is completed. An emergency situation will be alleviated due to erratic water supplies, including dry wells during the summer months and wells with poor quality water. Construction will consist of approximately 8.5 miles of additional waterline and necessary appurtenances.

“The USDA is committed to the future of rural communities”, stated USDA Area Director Alan Harris. He continued, “Around 300 million dollars of federal money comes into West Virginia.”

Rural Development has committed loan and grant funding to this project in the amounts of $284,000 and $570,000, respectively. Since 1970, Rural Development has committed loan funds totaling $3,104,000 and grant funds totaling $2,348,700 for water and wastewater projects to the Tyler County Public Service District.

Residents between Middlebourne and Boreman Elementary School can now go to the Tyler County PSD office and sign up for water.

There is a $100.00 tap fee and $50.00 deposit required with the customer user agreement and application. TCPSD office is located on the west side of State Rt. 2 just north of Friendly and is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

This will be phase one of the water project which also includes small sections of Clark Ridge and Friendly Hill. It was too small to finance on its own so these locations were added to the phase one agreement.

There is already work for phases two and three. It will, however, take some time considering preparations for phase one began around 1997. It was noted that phases two and three would happen more quickly now that phase one has begun.

There were several special guests at the ceremony including Alan Harris (USDA Area Director), Lisa Sharp (Public Information Officer), Janna Lowery (Program Director from Morgantown) and Virginia McDonald (Area Specialist from USDA in Ripley). Also in attendance were Senator Charles Clements, Roger Romine (House of Delegates), Eric Vincent (Tyler County Commission), Eric Peters(Tyler County Development Authority), Dean Rohrig (Project Attorney), Dominick Cerrone (Cerrone Associates), and TCPSD Board of Directors Art Mason, Pam Porfelia, and Ron Hoyt.

One who could not be in attendance but was given special recognition was Sam George who has unfortunately passed away since the beginning of the project. Development Authority member Eric Peters stated, “Sam was a driving force with our planning commission and development authority to continually urge that we move this project forward. Sam was involved in following up with potential customers and did a lot of leg work going door to door.”