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Sistersville City Council Review Sewer Options

By Staff | Apr 19, 2017

Sistersville city council members gathered together for their April meeting where they discussed several of the problems with the city sewer plant. It was reported that the sewer plant is still down to one mixer. Jason Rice of the sewer department stated, “I have never seen both mixers go down before…this is something that just doesn’t happen.” This has caused city council to take precautions to make sure this problem never happens again. They have found a secondary mixer which they are preparing to install, as long as everything works correctly. If things go well and the price is right, they may end up purchasing a backup mixer for emergencies.

The sewer workers ran the mixers in reverse to clean them out, which is common procedure. When this happened, one of the mixers went into a fault. When they attempted to start the secondary mixer, an electrical problem arose and a fire broke out. Rice’s biggest concern is that they resolve the problem as quickly as possible to prevent even more catastrophes.

He stated, “If you lose that first step of the plant, your gonna lose everything after that. It’s just like dominoes”. All in all, the situation could have been much worse because it can take up to 10 weeks to get a replacement motor from Sweden. The sewer workers were able to find an old motor, which they got running, and installed it, saving weeks of work and frustration. On a side note, the problem did not affect the byproduct going into the Ohio River.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council and S&S Engineers want to have a meeting with council members in an attempt to resolve the issue.

It was announced that there are bonds that will be up in 2019 and so that could allow the city to borrow up to 3.5 million dollars before having to change rates. If so, they will put this money towards the sewer plant.

The street department stated that they would like to put concrete pads to protect some of the sewer outlets.

There are eight sites that they want to fix. They would like to begin transferring gravel in the first step of the process. There are camp sites that the city is working on that are 12×16 feet and located down by the park. Also, They are preparing to start blacktopping some of the rougher areas of the streets.

A few weeks ago, a truck took out the walk sign beside of the post office. The state has since replaced it but it is facing in a different direction.

There was also some discussion about the larger trucks that have been going through town and causing damage.

There were some tanker trucks that went through Sistersville but before they could pass through, there was a contract written up stating that Tankworks would be responsible for any and all damages that they cause. If other trucks come through and cause damage without a contract, Police Chief Haught will begin fining these vehicles. It was brought up that the city should install a camera on the red light, which they have, the city just needs a monitor and recording device. Mayor Rice said he will contact the proper authorities in regards to the camera.

The water board members were reappointed for another year.

The mayor stated that city time sheets need to be more accurate for audit purposes. The city recorder stated, “The tighter we run the ship, the more access we can have to funding”. Council members mentioned getting a time clock to keep better records of time.

Mayor Rice is still working with Friendly in regards to water. They are still working on gathering some of the grant money for the project. Mayor Rice exclaimed, “If anybody out there has any questions, I encourage them to come to council meetings. I just know that we try to keep this running as best as we can…I don’t want to give up our water system but this is something that should have been done years ago.” They plan on establishing a multi-year contract with the Friendly water plant.

There was a public complaint in regards to a dumpster sticking out in an alleyway.

Mayor Rice explained that he and Police Chief Rob Haught had looked at the issue and decided that there was not a major concern. The mayor offered the opportunity for any council members to investigate the situation themselves to try to come up with a resolution.

A motion passed allowing King’s Corner to have a side walk sale on May 4-6, 11-13, and 18-20 as long as weather permits.

Spring Cleanup has been scheduled for April 24-30 from 7am-4pm. The city planning commission will pay for any overtime accumulated.

Sunday July 9 is the scheduled day for Picnic in the Park and sponsored by the SSO. Locations for the new city entrance signs have been decided and Barbera Vincent will meet with the New Martinsville Chamber of Commerce to finalize the project.

A motion passed to purchase a new garbage truck for the city. There is one located in Moundsville that they are going to pursue if the price is right.

A motion also passed to purchase a new police cruiser through a state bid.

A motion passed re-appointing Chad Edwards as city recorder of Sistersville and Rob Haught as Police Chief of Sistersville.

The next Sistersville City Council meeting will be held on Monday May 8 located at the Volunteer Fire Department in Sistersville.