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Commissioners Discuss County Surveying Options

By Staff | Apr 19, 2017

The Tyler County Commissioners met Wednesday April 12 where they discussed several surveying suggestions by newly elected County Surveyor Roy Haught. Haught explained to commissioners that several of the county deeds are outdated and that several of the land markers have since disappeared. West Virginia allows exchange of property without land being surveyed and so many deeds are not up to date. In fact, approximately 90 percent of the county deeds were surveyed over 150 years ago. Haught added, “People today have no idea that their land hasn’t been surveyed since we were a part of Virginia”. This has caused several properties to be misrepresented in size and location. As a result, some people have been purchasing land on false assumptions by placing too much faith in these deeds. There was one instance of a resident who bought piece of property that was supposed to be 68 acre but if you forced it to close, then it was only 53 acres.

Haught suggested that if property is surveyed in the county, the county surveyor should receive a report of the survey to be approved for public standards and county records. He feels that this will better inform people on their actual acreage and what they are actually purchasing.

WestVirginiaplaces.org/ boundaries/survey is a website that has the history of surveying in Virginia and how they used a 66 foot chain to measure off properties.

The commissioners were in agreement with Haught and stated that the most common phrase in a deed is “more or less” which causes many gray areas.

Alex King reported that he has heard back from Senator Manchin’s office and they are eager to pursue the expansion of cell phone service throughout the county.

King feels that Tyler County can set the example for other counties to get better service. Commissioner Vincent stated that, “We have offered our space at no cost to these companies in an attempt to get better service for our citizens.” Unfortunately, these companies never acted on the offer. The commissioners approved a letter that King has written to Senator Manchin’s office in hopes to be forwarded to phone companies and anyone else who can help.

The commissioners approved a list of names of volunteers added to the LEPC community membership.

Commissioner Stender announced that the 4-H bridge will be bid out. He also stated that the camp would be receiving some new furniture from Morgantown. On a side note, the Knight Riders 4-H club raised 1,900 dollars at their recent quarter auction.

Commissioner Smith turned in his resignation to be effective on July 1. “It was something I didn’t want to do but increasing health problems have forced this issue”. We wish Commissioner Smith the best.

The commissioners will post the available position in the Tyler Star News on May 10 after they have their first meeting in May. Applicants must be from either the North or Central districts of the county.

The commissioners opened bids for new tasers for the Sheriff’s Department. The new tasers will come fully equipped with batteries, cameras, and a 5 year warranty.

Finally, it was announced that the “Laying of the Levy”will be on the third Tuesday in April.

The next Tyler County Commission meeting will be held on April 26 at 9 am located at the Tyler County Courthouse.