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Lopez Wins Crown At Statewide Pageant

By Staff | Jan 20, 2016

Photo provided Walt Helmick, the state’s Commissioner of Agriculture, crowns the new West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festival’s new queen, Emily Lopez.

CHARLESTON Emily Lopez was recently crowned as queen of the West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals. She competed against 82 top contestants from across the state in the pageant.

Because Lopez is also Miss WV Oil and Gas Festival, she will be representing Sistersville and Tyler County at various gatherings and fairs across the state.

“Honestly, I love the hometown atmosphere,” she said. “Coming from a small town myself, I loved being in a place that made me feel at home. From the people I met, to the little shops down on Main Street and to quaint little town itself, I fell in love with Sistersville.”

Heather Clay Roush, the Miss West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival Pageant Co-Director, called Lopez’s win a victory for Sistersville.

“Most certainly this is a win for Sistersville and Tyler County,” she said. “Out of the 82 fairs and festivals from across the state our WV Oil and Gas Festival came out on top.

All of the contestants had to have won a fair or festival title pageant from within the state of WV in order to compete. Many of the contestants have been competing for a very long time.”

Lopez, a student at West Virginia Wesleyan, recalled one of her best memories was after she was crowned as queen at the Oil and Gas Festival in Sisterville last year.

“I was heading back to hotel and when getting out of the car a few men who looked like they were heading in from work stopped me,” she said. “They were traveling home because they worked in the Oil and Gas Industry. They saw my sash and stopped and talked to my family and I for a while. When I thanked them for the work they did, they were quick to stop me and remind me that they were thankful someone recognized the hard work and dedication they put into this industry and that I was representing them. I walked away knowing that the title I was representing was bigger than I thought. I was not only representing the fasting growing industry in our nation, but the people that make the industry thrive.”

Roush said pageants showcase the contestants talents and abilities.

“Pageantry helps to prepare these young ladies for the future and displays their various accomplishments,” she said. “Phases of competition included personal interview, event promotion, and evening gown. They must be able to speak publicly and have clear platforms and goals for the future.”

Lopez said her parents taught her that when much is given, much is expected. Her job will be to represent the fairs and festivals all over the mountain state. Not only will she travel across West Virginia promoting the association, attend fairs and festivals and serve as an ambassador for the state and speak at schools and spread the awareness of fairs and festivals.

“I feel truly honored to have been chosen to represent every fair and festival in our state and to serve as a spokesperson for the association,” she said. “It is very humbling knowing that there were 80 other girls that were just as deserving and I and I do not take that lightly. I realize that with this job comes great responsibility and I am ready to start my journey across the state and make this the best experience I can. I plan on utilizing every opportunity that comes my way. My first appearance will be in a few short weeks and from there I will be traveling the state every weekend promoting and praising the association. I am very excited.”

The Miss West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival Pageant Co-Chair Kelly Simms offered high praise about Lopez.

“Emily’s win, while representing the WV Oil and Gas Festival, is eye opening to everyone around the state and has really put Sistersville on the map,” she said. “Emily has done a fantastic job of bringing attention to not only the Oil and Gas Industry here in the mountain state, but also to the Oil and Gas Festival. All involved with the WV Oil and Gas Festival could not be more proud of Emily.”