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Sistersville High School Gym Renovated, Ready for Action

By Staff | Dec 16, 2015

Some repairs and renovations are complete at the James E. Willison Family Center, formerly known as the Sistersville High School gym.

Stan Dennis, president of Sistersville Junior Athletics, said the center’s bathrooms have renovated recently with new doors, new walls and more. He said until the repairs were completed, the center’s bathrooms were in bad shape and there were flooding issues, which have been addressed. Dennis said the project cost roughly $1,000.

Starting in November, several local sports leagues began utilizing the center again for layups, slam dunks and more each week.

“Everything looks great,” he said.

Alex King, a member of Sistersville’s Parks and Recreation Board, has been actively involved in seeing Willison Center become a vibrant part of the community.

“I am very impressed with the improvements Sistersville Junior Athletics made at the James Willison Family Center,” he said. “Thanks to them, the place is more inviting to those utilizing the gymnasium. There is a lot that needs done to make sure the center remains there for the youth of Sistersville for years to come, so I encourage everyone who can to follow SJA’s lead. There are many ways to help.”