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New Water Meters Discussed

By Staff | Dec 16, 2015

Sistersville’s Water Board recently discussed the possibility of modernizing the city’s water meters.

“The water board likes the radio read water meters,” said Mayor Bill Rice.

John Neel, a field representative for HD Supply Waterworks of Martinsburg, made a basic presentation Dec. 7 about radio-read meters to the water board.

Water board tabled the measure do to lack of second for the motion.

Daniel Heintzman, chairman of the water board, said the board will readdress the issue at its next meeting on Jan 4.

The water board would have to recommend to city council whether or not to approve any radio read water meters before council makes any decision.

“I feel we should do it as many other water systems have it, but it is up to council if the water board signs off on it,” Heintzman said.

Rice said the water meters would cost about $180 each for a total cost about $171,000 – if all the meters within the city need to be replaced.

Rice said after Neel’s presentation, he asked Neel to look into what the city needs

City Hall wants to have a meter installed into the line that flows from river to the city’s water supply tank to find out how much water the city is using. Rice said by finding exactly how much water the city is using, it’ll make it easier to keep an eye on water loss.

“My plan is to have it installed by the month’s end,” Rice said. “Again we have got to control our water loss.”