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Bank Invests in Community Via Sidewalks Replacement

By Staff | Dec 16, 2015

Repairs were made last week to the sidewalk at the corner of Wells and Charles streets by Peoples Bank in Sistersville. Terri Botkins, Peoples Bank branch manager, said the sidewalks were repaired because of the bank’s longterm commitment to the community.

There’s an old wives tale about how, while walking on a sidewalk, “step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” Well, if that saying held true for those sons or daughters walking on the sidewalks at the corner of Wells and Charles streets, there would be a lot more work for chiropractors in Sistersville.

But that changed last week when Peoples Bank stepped up and had the sidewalks paved in that section of downtown by the bank.

“This project was on my wish list and it was something that needed to be done to protect our customers and our employees. And I think it makes downtown look a little nicer,” said Terri Botkins, branch manager at Peoples Bank.

Botkins said one of the bank’s core values is its commitment to the community. Design Crete contractors of Marietta completed the sidewalk work which starts more or less at the far corner of the Tyler Star News’ office at 720 Wells St., passes by the bank before it wraps around the building at 90-degree angle onto Charles Street and ends a short distance away. Backhoes and jack hammers busted up the old sidewalk. Workers then poured concrete into the trench which was paved into a smooth, flat surface.

“We thank our customers and neighbors for their patience and understanding during renovations and repairs,” Botkins said.

The termperature was unseasonably warm 72 degrees Saturday when Donna Pickett of Sistersville was with her grandsons Cole Wilcox and Gavin Todd were walking on Wells Street.

“The sidewalk looks nice – better than before – much more appealing,” Pickett said.

Eight-year-old Wilcox added, “The old sidewalk used to have a bunch of cracks in it. I almost fell down once, so I’m glad it has been smoothed over now.”

Mayor Bill Rice praised Peoples Bank for its service to the community. He said a new streetscape plans that may include new sidewalks, landscaping, street lights and other amenities similar the improvements made in downtown Middlebourne.

Rice said city council will determine the scope of the improvements the city wishes to seek. He said the money to pay for the project comes from a $200,00 state grant with the city providing an additional $40,000 match an 80/20 split. He said the project should begin in spring or summer.

The new sidewalks will not deter but compliment new downtown streetscape being planned by City Hall, Botkins said.