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Mon Power Reaches Out to Fix Broken Street Lights

By Staff | Dec 8, 2015

Though it has been darker in downtown Sistersville as of late because of a few malfunctioning street lights, City Hall is not to blame, according to city officials.

City Recorder Chad Edwards said Mon Power is responsible for repairing broken street lights. He said while citizens can report light problems to City Hall, the city will forward these problems onto Mon Power.

“We’re at the mercy of Mon Power’s work schedule as to when these lights get repaired,” Edwards said. “We’re doing the best we can.”

Mon Power, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy, will contact City Hall this week to address the problem.

“We’ll be reaching out to Sistersville officials next week to get a list of which lights are out so we can create a work order and get the bulbs replaced,”said Todd Meyers, FirstEnergy spokesman.

Police Chief Rob Haught said after reporting a defective light pole to Mon Power or the city, he advises residents tie a ribbon around affected poles so the company will be able to locate them for repairs.

Meyers said unless someone reports the broken street lights, the company does not know about them. He said a lot of times, utility crews work during the day, so they may not necessarily be aware of any affected areas at night unless they have been reported to the company.

Edwards said the city pays Mon Power about $3,127 per month on average for electricity needed to power the street lights, whether they work or not.

“I have to pay the bill,” he said. “If I don’t, the police department won’t have lights.”

Mayor Bill Rice said City Hall has been working closely with Mon Power to identify broken lights, so the company can repair them. He said at one point, several street lights were out along Route 2, but many of them have been repaired. He said Mon Power has told him that they are trying to repair the lights as fast as they can. Rice asks citizens to contact him or City Hall if they have a light out in front of their house.

Meyers advises anyone who notices a malfunctioning street light to call Mon Power at 1-800-686-0022 or via the Internet at firstenergycorp.com/content/customer/service-requests/report-lighting-problem.html.