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Consol Energy Requests Use of 911 Tower

By Staff | Sep 2, 2015

Todd Hetrick of Consol Energy approached the Tyler County Commission at the Tuesday, Aug. 26 meeting, about the use of the compression station in Shirley. He said they need a way to communicate back to Pennsylvania with the home office. He expressed interest in leasing space on the 911 tower.

Josh Fulks the counties 911 director showed concern that with their radio waves being so close to the counties that he fears the equipment will interfere with communications for 911. He said Stratus Wave has equipment there and we are already starting to have issues. He mentioned not being in favor of the request. Fulks said they could look for a permanent tower and the cost of the tower alone is $250 thousand or more and the cost could increase if your looking for a cell tower.

Commission President Eric Vincent, asked for Consol to continue to work with Fulks and get a more definite price on a tower. Josh agreed to contact Miller Communications for more information.

Betty Biekett, from Moundsville and the Humane Society, spoke to commissioners about a training program that is being set up for inspectors of dog breeders facilities and will be held in various locations around the state at no cost to commercial breeders.

She said the breeders must have 11 or more dogs of breeding age to be eligible. Jackson Hayes, county assessor, said the county probably has three breeders that would fall into that category.

Chris Browson, with the Humane Society of the United States, was also in attendance and informed the commissioners he is overseeing the training program. He said it could have a significant economic and environmental effect and costs if a puppy mill is in business and doesn’t pass inspection. He said they are aiming at owners and facilities that put profit above the animals health and welfare.

Hayes mentioned an ad would have to be run in the local papers to alert citizens of the new criteria. He said his office can do the collection of the fees with the new software system in place, but a fee code would have to be added.

Commissioners tabled the order and motion until the September meeting.

Jason Wayne, Chief of Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department, representing the Tyler County Fire Departments along with Gary Patterson of Alma volunteer fire department and James Wade of Shirley Volunteer Department, approached the commissioners looking for funds to help the fire departments with rising costs.

Commissioner Vincent requested the fire departments present some financial documents for the commissioners to look at along with a list of the number of calls from 911.

Tom Cooper, director of Tyler County Emergency Management requested additional funding for training.

Budget revisions were presented by the commission and were approved subject to the state auditors office.

Commissioner John Stender reported that the senior center is doing well, he also said something needs to be done with the Alma EMS. He said both ambulances in Sistersville have been out of service and Alma’s ambulance was loaned to them and this presents a problem. He said there had been talk of land in front of Ellsworth which could be purchased to serve as a site for a building to store equipment for OEM, but it doesn’t appear feasible.

Vincent mentioned that Suddenlink had been purchased by Sequel Corporation and there may be some changes coming. He also said the Bel-Mar Regional Council would hold training in September at Grand Vue Park if anyone is interested, and WVACO has endorsed radio tower authority and regulations, the information was given to Fulks.

Luke Furbee presented the commission information on bat infestation at the magistrate and prosecutors office. They will have Tri-State Exterminating from Wheeling check it out.